Cultural activities in La Reunion

Cultural activities in La Reunion. You want to learn a little more about Reunion Island? Whether you are in holidays on our island or a pure product made in 974, it is always rewarding to learn a little more about the place you discover / where you live!

This is why we suggest in this article (that we will update regularly), cultural activities in La Reunion. To do alone, as a couple, with family, with friends … some ideas to learn more about our Caillou (little stone)!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of course of cultural activities in La Reunion:

1. Pat’Jaune’s Cabaret

>> Pour connaitre tous les détails de notre sortie (tarifs, contacts), retrouvez l’article en intégralité ici : le Cabaret Pat’Jaune, un article en collaboration avec Nouloutou.

One of our tops and who has just reopened after a few months of closure (thank you COVID), I named the Cabaret Pat’Jaune. A Yab cabaret at the Plaine des Cafres (“Yab” describes white creole people that live in Reunion) . Between meal and show, the group’s history, local songs between the starters and the main course … no time to get bored! A great time that we recommend without hesitation!

>> To know all the details (prices, contacts), find the full article here (in french only): the Cabaret Pat’Jaune, an article in collaboration with Nouloutou.

Cabaret Pat Jaune' scene at la Plaine des Cafres., Reunion Island.

2. Brew your own beer !

Alone or between friends, for a fun and original moment, try the beer brewing workshop of Brasseries Dalons (“dalon” mean friend). From the mixture of cereals to the near final fermentation, make your own beer in a super nice atmosphere! A brand new workshop opened in June 2021!

>> To know all details about this brewing workshop, find our article here: Brasserie Dalons (in french), an article in collaboration with Nouloutou.

3. La Tisanerie du Sud / Herbel Tea garden

After the beer brewing workshop you need a little wellness cure? Go meet Valmyr at his home in Saint-Joseph (south). He will make you discover the plants of his garden, the old plants and their virtues. A few tastings of herbal teas prepared just for you, it’s a pleasant little moment with a passionate about our island’s flora.

>> All details about the visit to the Valmyr’s garden in our article here: Tisanerie du Sud (in french), an article in collaboration with Nouloutou.

the visit of Valmyr's garden is a great cultural activities in La Reunion.

4. Visit Hellbourg’s village (Salazie)

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never set a foot in Hellbourg, or on the contrary, if you’ve been there many times. The visit of the village with Romeo remains a great moment, pleasant and educational. Lots of anecdotes and information that will make you shine during your next stays in Salazie.

>> All details on visiting the village in our article here: Visite d’Hellbourg (in french), an article in collaboration with Nouloutou.

Découvrez Hellbourg autrement est une des activités culturelles à la Réunion que nous apprécions !

5. Savanna distillery

Sugar cane is an essential part of Reunion’s history and economy. If you want to immerse yourself in the heart of its transformation, we recommend the Savanna distillery (can be paired with the Bois Rouge sugar refinery depending on the season). From sugar to rum, you will go through all the stages of the process with a little tasting to finish your visit!

>> All details about the visit of the distillery in our full article: Savanna Distillery (in french), an article in collaboration with Nouloutou.

Savanna's distillery is a good way to know more about rum process, one of the cultural activities in La reunion.

6. Maison du Volcan, Volcano museum

After sugar, another essential element of our island… even more essential. Indeed, without him, Reunion Island would not exist! So if you want to understand how our beautiful Caillou (stone) emerged , do not hesitate to go for a walk to the Volcano museum (Maison du Volcan). Playful, it’s a fun visit for adults and children.

>> All details about the volcano museum in our article: Maison du Volcan (in french), an article in collaboration with Nouloutou.

Visiting the Volcano Museum is one of the cultural activities in la Reunion that you should do to learn more about the island.

7. Maison du Coco / Coco House

We take a giant step between the Volcano’s House and the Coco’s House! If you like coconut in all its forms, water, milk, oil, sugar… then you will love the visit to the Maison du Coco! We will teach you to braid the coconut, to cut it, to grate it… and above all to taste it ! A pleasant and educational moment at the Colimaçons in Saint-Leu.

>> All details about the Maison du Coco in our article in collaboration with Nouloutou (in french).

Discover and taste the coco at la Maison du Coco, a great cultural activity in la Reunion.

8. Tea field labyrinth

This is the 1st production of organic tea in France. And yes, on our little Caillou (little island), at Grand Coude, a magnificent plateau perched at an altitude of 1100 meters in the vicinity of Saint Joseph. There you will learn all about planting from tree to cup as they say.

>> To know everything about the visit of Labyrinth in tea field (in french), discover our article in collaboration with Nouloutou.

You like tea, come to discover the 1st organic tea in France at Grand Coude.

9. Reunion Island’s markets

Qu’est-ce qui a toujours été l’un des meilleurs moyens de découvrir la culture d’un endroit ? Alimentation, artisanat, locaux… et oui, les marchés ! Et de ce côté, pas de souci, on est servis sur notre Caillou ! Que ce soient les plus connus, comme le marché de Saint-Pierre ou celui de Saint-Paul, ou d’autres, vous trouverez votre bonheur en couleurs et en saveurs !

>> Retrouvez ici un article sur les marchés de l’île de la Réunion.

What has always been one of the best ways to experience the culture of a place? Food, crafts, local … local markets of course! And about this, no problem, we have what we need on our island! Whether they are the most famous, such as the Saint-Pierre or Saint-Paul markets, or others, you will find your happiness in colors and flavors!

>> Find here an article on the Reunion Island markets

Old creol man on a local market, one of the best cultural activities in La Reunion.

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