Best outdoor activities in Reunion Island

Outdoor activities in Reunion

You are looking for fun outdoor activities to do in Réunion? That’s pretty good considering the vast panorama of activities that can be done on our beautiful island. Indeed, there will be something for all tastes …
Water sports, vertiginous, nature, whaterver you want!

Here is a list, not exhaustive of course, of sport activities in Reunion:

Water sport activities

We’ll start with water sports … yes, don’t forget, we’re on an island!

1. Rafting

We tried rafting in eastern Reunion on the Rivière des Marsouins (the only rafting spot on the island)! You wanted fun outdoor activities in Reunion, you will be served!

Meet in Saint-Benoît to join the Rafting Réunion team for a 100% thrill ride! On a raft of 4 or 6 people, we embark for 1h30 / 2h of descent . We loved it, only regret, that the descent does not last even longer! For info, the best period is from December to April (rainy season).

>> To know all the details of our rafting activity (provider, prices, contacts), find the full article here: rafting à la Réunion (in french), an article in collaboration with Nouloutou.

Le rafting, une des activités sportives à la Réunion avec sensations assurées !

2. Canyoning

We can only recommend to try canyoning in Reunion Island! We love it and we still have a few spots on the island to discover. Zipline, abseiling, jumping, natural tobogan, if you like sensations and fresh water, canyoning is for you. Well equipped (wetsuit, helmet …) and well surrounded (with the great Adrénal’île team), we always have a good time! Whether in Cilaos, Salazie, Langevin, Takamaka … there is surely canyoning for your level.

>> Here, all the details of our favorite one: night canyoning at Fleurs Jaunes .

Try canyoning in Fleurs Jaunes, great outdoor activities in Reunion.

3. Nautical activities at the beach

You prefer salted water, don’t worry there is plenty to do on our Caillou as well! Some examples here:

Don’t look down!

Do you want more outdoor activities in Reunion? No problem, we still have some under to share! And not the least. Here, some very nice activities for those who are not afraid of heights!

4. Mountaineering in Les 3 Salazes

In our opinion, one of the essential sport outdoor activities in Reunion . Indeed, after a walk of about 2 hours from the Col du Taibit trail in Cilaos, you arrive on the ridge of the Piton de la Fournaise massif which links Gros Morne to Grand Bénare. A 360 ° view of the cirques of Mafate and Cilaos. After a rope walk on the ridge and a bit of climbing, we finish with Olivier our guide, the highlight of the show, the ascent and the zip line on the 3 Salazes.

>> To find all the details about this activity (provider info, prices, conditions …), here is our full article on the 3 Salazes (in french), an article in collaboration with Nouloutou.

Walk and zip line on the 3 salazes, a great outdoor activities in Reunion.

5. Tree climbing

Climbing in the trees, if you are not too dizzy, everyone likes it, young and old alike! Tree climbing is one of the sporting activities in Reunion that can be done with family, friends or colleagues. Swing, make the monkey bridge, throw yourself into a giant spider’s web … between 2 trees, but while always being perfectly secure, it’s a good time to share and a good breath of fresh air! In Cilaos, Les Makes or Saint-Pierre… test them all!

>> Find here all the details of our tree climbing excursion in Cilaos (in french), article in collaboration with Nouloutou.

6. Bungee jumping

To be honest with you, I didn’t think I would take the plunge! Among the many outdoor activities in Reunion, this one is certainly the shortest, but the most intense! So if you are looking for a real adrenaline rush, don’t hesitate, bungee jumping from the Bras de le Plaine bridge is for you. Located in before Entre-Deux village (southwest of the island), the panorama is magnificent. Solo or in tandem, come and have an unforgettable moment with Vertikal Jump!

>> Here all the details of our bungee jumping (provider, prices, info…), article in collaboration with Nouloutou (in french).

Try bungee jumping ! A great outdoor activity in Reunion island.

On 2 or 4 wheels!

7. Quad or Buggy

Enjoy a 2, 3 or 4h thrills activity at La Saline les Hauts with Charly or Gilles from Adventure Quad. A must do of these outdoor activities in Reunion! Pilote or passenger, you’ll discover the West coast passing by sugar cane’s fields, thorny paths, climbs and descents that will give you a good adrenaline rush!

To know all the details about quad or buggy trekking, it’s here! (LINK from May 28 !!!) Article in collaboration with Nouloutou (in french).

Quad trekking, one of the great outdoor activities in Reunion you should try!

8. Tandem electric bike

We have often seen people on tandem bikes on television… romantic, sporty, it has always been something we wanted to tryt! So that’s it, we finally tested an tandem electric bike, and honestly, it was super fun. The engine allows you to move forward in all circumstances, you just have to take the hand and communicate well with your partner. An original and pleasant activity!

To know all the details about tandem electric bike rental, it’s here! Article in collaboration with Nouloutou (in french).

Location de vélo tandem électrique, une des activités sportives à la Réunion de notre article de blog.

You will only find it here!

You are looking for something that you can only do here on Reunion Island? Well we have a few ideas with these slightly more atypical activities … of course, the ascent of the 3 Salazes (above) is one of them!

7. The lava tunnels

Reunion is a volcanic island and not just a little. With one of the most active volcanoes in the world, the Piton de la Fournaise, our island has nothing to envy the biggest! His activity has created lava tunnels that can be visited! It’s not every day that you can tell yourself that you have walked in the guts of a volcano. For us, discovering the different lava’s colors and formations with Simon of Envergure Réunion plunged us into the heart of our island!

>> To know everything about our lava tunnels activity it’s here (info, provider contacts, prices), article in collaboration with Nouloutou (in french).

8. The Maïdo summer sledge

We close this article about outdoor activities in Reunion with the Maïdo summer sledge. Indeed, after all these adventures, we chose a nice little moment to share with friends or family to finish. Relaxation for adults, sensations for children, it’s a nice little stop on the road from the magnificent Maïdo’s viewpoint!

>>To know all details on the Maïdo summer sledge, it’s here, article in collaboration with Nouloutou (in french).

The Maïdo summer sledge, one of the outdoor activities in Reunion for adults and childrens.
We can’t leave you without saying it: hiking!

We love bungee jumping, canyoning, climbing to the top of the 3 Salazes … nonetheless, we are never as happy as when we discover our island by its trails! For one or more days, in a bivouac or in a gite, Reunion is a hiker’s paradise. We wouldn’t know what to tell you, there are so many possibilities for families, Sunday hikers, heavy walkers…

Here, our must: crossing Reunion Island on foot by the GRR2 !
Of course, we can only advise you to take a tour on RandoPiton , reference site for hiking in Reunion (in french).

Among different outdoor activities in Reunion, we can't avoid hiking... our favorite one!

With all this, we hope you will find what you are looking for! And don’t hesitate to give us your ideas for outdoor activities in Reunion in the comments. The article is updated regularly.

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