Our feedback about our Tropilex hammock

Our feedback about our Tropilex hammock in Reunion Island!

You’re also wondering about buying an hammock? Here our feedback about our Tropilex hammock!

Outdoor hammock, the good one!

After we bought one to a friend (we tried it a lot), we asked ourselves: « And why not at home ?! »

Our Tropilex hammock, relax or sit

There is a few time, we bought a outdoor hammock, or a hanging chair! We can lay down or just sit. Which is nice if you just wan’t to relax without taking a nap! (and we alredy have a “normal” hammock” in wich you can only lay down). It’s been a while we wanted one in the garden!

Perfect to relax, read, or even to take a drink with friends…

Relax or just enjoy with friends as you can sit in this Tropilex hammock!

A good quality hammock!

We wanted to wait a bit before writing this article. Indeed, we could see how it become after using it some months. And really, we’re very happy with it!

We choose a Tropilex hammock, with an additional part for the feet! Really nice!

Our Tropliex hammock with additional tissu for your feet!

And 1 year after we installed it on our patio, taking sun almost all day long, the colors are still nice. The fabric and wood also look still very good quality.

Of course, if we’re home, we try to take it off when it’s raining, but sometimes… we can’t. Furthermore, we live in Reunion Island (a tropical island), with a real tropical weather! So the fabric really suffer from the sun a big part of the year! So it means the fabric is really resistant.

Quality… + values!

When we choose it, we saw on their website many messages that ring a bell for us:

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  • Tropilex hammocks and hanging chairs are woven and finished by hand by traditional hammock weavers in South America… when you know that we bought our 1st one in Bolivia during our 1st big trip… 4 months in America Latina… Ahhh nostalgia!
  • FSC certified wood: so wood coming from forests that are responsibly managed!
  • Fabric with Oeko-Tex® 100 certification: detection of any bad chemical substances for health.
  • And also, their participation to 1% for Planet. Tropilex brand donate a minimum 1% of annual sales to support environmental non-profit organisations: Ocean Cleanup and Trees for All.

Know more about Tropilex’s values.

Conclusion about our Tropilex hammock:

We’re really happy with our Tropilex hanging chair! It’s a good quality one and one and we are sharing their values, so we recommend this product. Furthermore, they say to compensate their delivery CO2 impact!

Regarding the delivery… we’re sad to tell to our friends from Reunion Island that they don’t deliver here! As we were in holidays in continental France, we were delivered there and took it back with us… !

Here we are! Have a good rest now!

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To find Tropilex hammocks or hanging chairs, we are 2 links:

https://www.tropilex.com/ and https://www.hammockgiant.com/