Dormir en flanc de falaise avec son van au parque natural de liencres dans le nord de l'espagne

Our program changed, we begin with the Spanish north coast. We had to start by the north (Irland, UK…), but for lack of heating for the moment we decided to move south. Direction Spain and Portugal! Looking for : warmth, surf and beautiful encounters! Spanish north coast Here is our journey from Hendaye, south of France to Vigo in Spain before crossing the border to Portugal! We will just talk about our favorite spots but of course, do not hesitate to ask us for more info…Continue Reading “2 weeks in van on the Spanish north coast”

Prendre un cours de danse de Flamenco en Espagne par Ze Caillou

You’ve already been in the South of Spain, in Andalusia? Listened to the enchanting rhythm of Flamenco in the Albaycyn district in Granada, facing Alhambra. Or just been seduced by the young Caramelo, a genius flamenco dancer of barely 5 years old? (Personally, even if we agree that he is a very gifted dancer, he’s a little scary). Be immersed in the Spanish folklore So, maybe you should try and take 1 Flamenco class! Having lived a year and a half in Granada, I had…Continue Reading “Take a Flamenco class in Spain”