About us

About us, Romain and Nina, a couple of globetrotters from Reunion Island who wants to help its small stone to be discovered worldwide. We choose the name “Ze Caillou” because “caillou” means stone in French. This adventure began in 2017 already…

About Nina and Romain, 2 bloggers from Reunion Island

Why did we begin this blog « Ze Caillou »?

After some first long weekends in France, weeks in Europe and then several months in Latin America, Asia and Africa backpacking, the love of travelling did not left us. Seems like, the more you travel, the more you want to travel, logical isn’t it?

What is the regular feature on each of our trips, apart of course of our great personal fulfillment? We realize that very few people know Reunion Island. How many times have we had this type of conversation:

-Where are you from? – From Reunion Island. – From where??? – It is a small French island! – Oh, France…Paris… – No, no, it’s French, but it is a far island from the mainland. – Ahhh, Martinique! – No, it’s close to Africa, near Mauritius … – Oh, Madagascar! – Uh, still not…

As a result, we use to end up showing our left hand as if it was a unconvincing map of Africa. Then pointing just right, in the air, and saying “well Reunion, it’s right there!”

And it is such a shame because our island is a treasure for any self-respecting traveler.

Helping our Island, “Ze Caillou” to be discovered

When we have no enough money or time and therefore we can’t travel far… we travel home. Almost like real tourists, but better dressed! We test every nook and cranny and we marvel at our island that saw us grow. Not very big, but so rich. An intense island where there are constant activities to do, for every budget and for all tastes! So that’s why we decided to share our travels with the greatest number and contribute to make known this Indian Ocean gem.

About us, writters of Ze Caillou blog, here at La Plaine des Cafres

What do we find on our blog?

Above all, articles about Reunion Island. Our firms favourites on nature, culture, sports, activities of all kinds… But also a photo gallery on our previous trips (we will update this section “travels” with good deals and addresses). You will also find all our planned trip to Europe in van with our dog. And of course, practical information on the trip: budget travel, travel with a dog, what do you really need in your backpack when traveling. And even products sheets that we have tested for you.

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Nina and Romain, 2 natives of Reunion around the world

Like most of locals from Reunion Island, we are mixed-race from here and elsewhere.

She, Nina, born in Reunion Island but of French, Malagasy and Algerian origin. She is quite… not logic. Independent in her soul, with a thirst for freedom as big as the Monopoly jackpot. A dreamer with a calendar instead of the brain. Joie de vivre and good humor, she also cries easily and can bring out the Kleenex crossing a lizard without tail (while it will grow back!). Fan of sports and nature, Nina is as flexible as a bamboo pole. In short, we never really know too much what happens in her head.

He, Romain, born in Montpellier from a Reunion Creole mother and a Savoyard father (cold region of continental France), the splits! As much a fan of “Dakatine” (Reunion famous peanut butter) as good cheese. With a big sense of humor and an unfailing motivation, he is also a fan of anything that can be ride, be it on a board, with or without wheels, on water, on land or in the air… Once he started to travel, the search of discovery never left him. Full of initiatives, you must also learn to channel that spirit going in all directions…

About us… and our 4-legged sidekick, Huacachina

The No.2, hairy, wet nose and always with 4 legs, it’s, it’s… Huaca of course! Our canine adventurer is eager for big spaces and a trekking lover. This dog is far from being the last to accompany us in our escapades, she is even often the one who leads the way and that pulls us forward with her little snout ahead.

In short, you will understand, the three of us, we’re part of a happy little troops that never has time to be bored!

Therefore, see you soon on our beautiful island or maybe somewhere travelling in the word!

About us, Ze Caillou bloggers, Romain and Nina and our dog at sunset