Products tests

Why a Products tests section?

What will you find in our products tests section?

When we travel, we always face the same question. What should we bring? We want to travel light but we also want to bring everything. So we have the famous « pros and cons » for every single item that goes in our bagpack!

Essential products, the one we can classify in the « why not » category. Or worse, the one that were a good idea only at first sight. In short, is it really worth carrying equipment if we use it only twice, or if in fact it is even not useful at all.

To give an anwser, we are going to test travel’s accessories in our travel blog. And write products sheets about the use of practical material, gadgets and photography/video’s equipment. With an idea of price, pros and cons, and our final opinion regarding our experience…

Products tests sheets on travel's accessories on our travel blog Ze Caillou, tent- photography

Our futur products tests sheets

For our new articles, we have already thought of which products we are going to test:

Products sheets « Practical material »:

  • Camping tents: 2 seconds, hiking tent…
  • Eco-aware-sunscreen: protcet yourself while preserving nature
  • Clothing insecticide: a new insecticide made in Reunion
  • Solar shower: the shower you can hang up everywhere

Products sheets on different travel equipment, for camping and else on our travel blog

Products sheets « Gadget »:

  • Hammock: bring your relaxation breack almost everywhere
  • Big billy: a sofa that takes no space
  • Decathlon snorkeling mask : mask and snorkel an all-in-one solution
  • Solar charger: recharge your batteries under any circumstances

We test travel accessories and gadget to help you making your choice for your next travel

Products sheets « Photo/video equipment »:

  • Go Pro Dome: half-half pictures
  • Video drone: earth images taken from the sky

Discover our products sheets about photography and video equipment on our travel blog

Do not hesitate to write your comments if you have the same products and if your use differs! Good or bad experience of course.

Also if you want us to test your products in our travel blog, contact us by email, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible!