Break in Landes with a minivan

That’s it, after 2 weeks spent fixing our great minivan named Dandelion. We finally took the road… Well, we still have some things to do (papers, layout, last services) … but it won’t prevent us to start our trip beginning by les Landes.

As all this happens in the South of France, we take advantage of it to make the Landes coast with our minivan.
Mimizan> Hossegor / Cap Breton.

Here are some activities to do in the Landes!

Arrival in Mimizan in Aquitaine

Where to sleep with a minivan in Mimizan?

We parked our equiped van close to a lake in Mimizan in the Landes. A pretty place with a big lake, a small bridge, some games for children, toilets and drinking water… it is calm and good. Stay here for a night is free and legal, and animals are accepted. Indeed, many people come with their dog to have a walk.

Adress: 34 Avenue du Lac, 40200 Mimizan

Sleep in Mimizan, close to a lake with a minivan, Ze Caillou

Want to fish in the Landes?

All the day, fishermen are coming here. And apparently, it worth it! So if you like fishing, do not hesitate to bring your rod in this place. We totally regret not having one this day!

Nice play to sleep with your combi van in Mimizan, with a lake to fish

Visit the Flower Garden of Mimizan

We did not know this by coming here, but right in front of the lake there is a short walk to do (dog are normaly not accepted but everyone comes with their animal). A flower garden that is rated # 1 of the activities to do in the area by Trip Advisor … is to say. Indeed, a small ballad of about 15 mins, which is very nice. The background is pretty and there are all kinds of beautiful plants and flowers.

Visit the Flower Garden of Mimizan close to the lake and hotel in the Landes, Ze Caillou

Very close, you can even rent a paddle or have a pirogue ride.
Romantic isn’t it? A very cool break.

Do paddle or have a pirogue ride in Mimizan close to the Flower Garden in the Landes

Mimizan beaches

Of course, Mimizan is famous for its beaches (South, North, West … never seen the East one!) We tested the beaches of the South and North. Doggies are banned (clearly indicated on the South Beach, not on the North). Except that we saw several people walking with their dogs without leash on the beach.

Unfortunately not enough waves to get out the bodyboard, but we take the opportunity to sunbathe, and feel the temperature of the water (about 15°C). People make giant paddle (rented). An activity to test!

Do giant paddle or surf in the Landes on Mimizan beaches, Ze Caillou

 Hossegor and Cap Breton beaches

Where to sleep with a minivan in Hossegor?

Having not spotted a place to sleep and Hossegor (and the Landes) being known for hunting wild camping, we opted for area dedicated for camper-van near Hossegor. The place is not incredible but OK. 6 euros for 24H in low season (until 31st May), the price increases to 12 € from June. The vehicle can go out during the 24 hours and there is access to toilet, and hot shower (rather rare). You have to add 2 € to make the emptying of a camper.

Adress: Aire de camping car : 612-716 route des lacs, 40150 Hossegor

Surf and beaches

Of course, in Hossegor and Cap Breton … we are looking for waves. No luck for us, again, the conditions are not at the top for surfing (especially with a bodyboard). Few waves, even for surfers. The beaches are beautiful and large. There is a lot of wind, you can spot the regulars, they have windbreaks, the good idea!

Go surfing in Hossegor in the South of France, in the Landes

Have a drink or go shopping

The town of Hossegor, like any other seaside beach resort, is a must-see place to have a drink or go shopping. We are not really shopping addicts, but to have a drink no worries. The choice is large: French or Spanish bars (with tapas) are at every corner. When we leave, we buy the necessary (food and wine) at the Casino (supermarket), open even on Sundays until 8pm!

Huacachina, our dog, playing in Hossegor's beach in the Landes, south of France

Let’s go now even more to the South: Spain and Portugal!
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