Infos pour un voyage à Rodrigues, blog voyage Ze Caillou.

10 days trip in Rodrigues Island After a 10-day trip to this little gem of Indian Ocean, here is the information about our trip to Rodrigues island: where to sleep, eat, activities… To begin with, if we had to sum up Rodrigues Island in a few words, we would say: We Valide! Well ok, that’s a bit light… so in more words: Calm and tranquillity, kindness, safety, magnificent beaches, walks and hikes, diving, scooters, idleness, fishing, kitesurfing (in season), lime juice, octopus salad and even…Continue Reading “Rodrigues Island, 10 days in Paradise”

La Réunion à vélo, le tour de l'île en 4 jours.

Reunion island tour by electrically assisted bike Our reunion island tour by bike in 4 days! Take your time to enjoy Reunion island’s landscapes and add physical activity to your trip it’s totally ok. More accustomed to trails and bagpacks, for this adventure we swapped our sneakers for a electrically assisted bikes… You’ll find in this article our itinerary, stages, accomodations, advices… we hope i twill help you prepare your own roadtrip around our beautiful island. Normal bike or electrically assisted bicycle? It’s up to…Continue Reading “Reunion island tour by bike”

Notre magnifique randonnée à Mafate lors du grr3 Réunion.

GRR3 Trek : discover Mafate (Reunion) Find in this article our GRR3 trek’s details, a 4 days hike in Mafate. Walking indications, bivouac ideas or sleeping in a lodge and other information on this trek. Be sure to deconnect from your daily life in the “Inhabited Heart” of Reunion Island, the island’s National Park and Unesco World Heritage since 2010. After GRR1 et GRR2, we’ve just achieved the 3rd GR of the island, the GRR3 trek. GRR3 trek, hike in Mafate We did the GRR3 over…Continue Reading “GRR3 Trek – hike in Mafate”

Our grr2 day 8, best trek in Reunion Island.

GRR2 Day 8: Bourg Murat (Plaine des Cafres)>Volcano all details about this part of one of the best trek in Reunion island. Hard to realise that tomorrow will be the last day of the trail! GRR2 Day 8 North to South Bourg Murat>Volcano Duration: 7h15 Distance: 19,9 km High Elevation: 1063 meters high / 471 meters down Markings: Good / How is the path: MUDDY! Wet crossing of the Plaine des Cafres After having spent a good night in the warmth, we leave Le Gîte…Continue Reading “GRR2 Day 8: Bourg Murat>Volcano”

Best hike in Reunion, here our grr2 day 7

GRR2 Day 7: Cilaos > Bourg Murat (Plaine des Cafres), all details about this part of one of the best trek in Reunion island. GRR2 Day 7 North to South Cilaos>Bourg Murat Duration: 6h45 Distance: 18 km High Elevation: 968 meters high / 702 meters down Markings: Good / How is the path: Good Second path: by “Le coteau de Kerveguen” (former official path) As we climbed Piton des Neiges by “Le Bloc” just 2 weeks before our GRR2’start, we decided to climb Le Kerveguen…Continue Reading “GRR2 Day 7: Cilaos>Bourg Murat”

Enjoy a great nature trip in this nice hotel in Terre Rouge, Reunion.

You want to take a breath, go to the Wild South of Reunion Island … We tried a superb hotel in Terre Rouge. It’s the Terre Rouge Guest House in Vincendo, and it’s a big crush. Terre Rouge, Cap Jaune… it’s the same place but go find out why, we like make life a bit more complicated! Hotel in Terre Rouge Here are all the info about the Terre Rouge guesthouse Terre Rouge’s bungalows Open 4 nights per week, from Monday to Thursday, the 3…Continue Reading “Hotel in Terre Rouge, luxe and nature”