European roadtrip


Our motivation, obligations and choices. Here in a few lines, the reason why we have decided to prepare this European roadtrip.

Why did we chose an European roadtrip with a combi van

The early biginning

Many things bring us there.

  • A wish of a long trip and discovery. Stop running, get away from the daily routine, and keep some time for us. Take time to make new encounters and to open our mind to new cultures.
  • With an sweet obligation, as we’ll leave for months, to bring our pet, Huacachina with us.
  • And furthermore, the will to give a goal to our project. Something we finalised as a second step, when we chose the destination.

With these differents elements, it was time to think about it.

The birth of the project

Beetween wishes and constraints, we have to make the best choice.
Travelling alone is different. No need to know where you’re going to sleep, to prepare everything. With a plane ticket in your pocket and a little budget, it’s always possible to improvise, change your itinerary, rethink your all trip.
With a pet, it’s a little different. You need to plan transportation, accomodation, regulations in the countries you will visit. So, that is to say, it’s a big work. No pain no gain.

After many thoughts, here is our project:

  • An European trip, a continent we haven’t explored during our studies in France. And moreover, one of the cooler continent regarding its animal’s regulation. Time will tell.
  • And a rolling home, alias, Ze Van, which resolve the transportation and accomodation issue. And that gives a real freedom feeling, for which one, living in 8m² for months worth it.

Here we are. An 2017 European roadtrip. We just have to prepare it, the easier part as you can imagine.

Long european travel into 21 countries in europe with a van

Going deeper into the project

Once the choice is done, it’s time to prepare. Budget, itinerary, calendar… With more or less 1 year, and already some savings, the budget is growing little by little. Regarding the calendar, we decide to begin the trip during springs, very softly…and finish when our budget will tell us that it’s time to go back.

Normally, we plan to leave from april to december 2017. But as the goal is to leave with the less obligations than possible, nous ne nous interdisons pas de rester plus ou moins longtemps que les 8 mois prévus. As for itinerary, we organize to make this European trip beginning by the North. And then go back slowly in the South. Especially to avoid the Nordic freezing cold during winter.

Ze Caillou roadmap for our european roadtrip in van in 2017

Beyond holidays: a meaning, a goal

Yes, travelling is great. Everybody loves holidays, isn’t it? But beyond that, we really wanted to set a target and give sense to this trip in Europe.

As we have already travelled abroad, we realized that our beautiful island is not very well known beyond the french borders. And pretty often, foreigners don’t know La Reunion, or they think it’s part of French Antilles. Everytime we meet someone, we take pleasure to speak, show pictures, videos. Anyway, to make it known for its numerous riches landscapes and culture.

This is the reason why we decide to have this as our guiding principle. Thanks to this blog, social media, our encounters and other medium. Moreover, simultaneously, we are starting a professional project… but it’ll come later!

our european travel will permit to promote Reunion Island by Ze Caillou

And what is happening now?

It’s very simple, friends, family, anonymous travel and adventure addict, reading lovers… do not hesitate to follow us via this blog. Of course, we’ll post articles about Reunion Island. But also our favorites things, thought, and learning from our « European roadtrip ».

After this 2 years of Roadtrip in Europe, you can find our itineraries in this travel blog!

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