Let's swim and observe dolphins in La Reunion

Organise a day with dolphins in La Reunion You want have dolphins watching? What a better place than Reunion Island to observe dolphins in their natural habitat? So, after we booked 1 month earlier, we join Manu, the Duocéan instructor. Meeting point is on the Saint-Gilles port parking at 7am, for a 3H expedition in the Indian Ocean. He provides us with the required material for a snorkeling trip with the Indian Ocean dolphins. A floating diving suit, anti-fog diving mask, fins and snorkel, the…Continue Reading “Swimming with dolphins and cetacean watching in La Reunion”

Practice paddle during sunset at Ermitage beach in the west coast

You’re on holidays in Reunion Island, a place with plenty of amazing landscapes and sensations. Great, but it’s also to benefit from the sun of our beaches and go back home tanned to get your friends riled! Problem is, you can’t bear to lay hours on the beach to perfect your suntan. Here you’ll find some nautical activities in order not to be bored in the lagoon. Here is the “plage de l’Ermitage” (Ermitage lagoon), between Saint-Gilles and Saline-les-Bains towns (easy for us as it’s…Continue Reading “Nautical activities in Reunion Island’s beaches”