Nautical activities in Reunion Island’s beaches

You’re on holidays in Reunion Island, a place with plenty of amazing landscapes and sensations. Great, but it’s also to benefit from the sun of our beaches and go back home tanned to get your friends riled! Problem is, you can’t bear to lay hours on the beach to perfect your suntan. Here you’ll find some nautical activities in order not to be bored in the lagoon.

Here is the “plage de l’Ermitage” (Ermitage lagoon), between Saint-Gilles and Saline-les-Bains towns (easy for us as it’s very close from our home sweet home). Lagoons are totally safe, so no need to be afraid from sharks here! Many seaside restaurants rent pedalo, kayak and paddle. For 30 minutes, 1 hour or a half day…we let you deal with your sportiveness. You can also go snorkeling, swimming and diving (with scuba), to discover lagoon’s deep turquoise blue water, fishes and corals around.

Kayak rental at Trou d’eau beach

Lucky we are, we already have our own second-hand kayak, bought 2 years ago (which takes much space on our small terrace!). We often organize kayak trips, you can be sure to work your biceps and abs. Perfect to go back home tanned AND brawny/muscled. Here, with our canine acolyte, who is in her element whereas she suffers from travel sickness. Kayak is great to take small waves close to the coral reef. Furthermore, no need to be an expert to have some thrills. However, take care not to damage corals, they’ve been suffering enough from past years…

Kayak, paddle rental in La Saline beach with turquoise water, great nautical activities.

More relax nautical activity for sunset

Therefore, for those who want to take it easy (up to 3 persons) without getting wet, 1 hour pedalo rental is not a bad idea. And now, you can even make your legs’ muscles work (it’s obvious, this article is really “sport”)! Pedalo is among different nautical activities, the best option during winter. Even if Reunion Island’s winters are not very harsh! At least, you’re sure you won’t end in the water (unless you decide so).

Test Stand Up paddle

By your own, with friends or between lovers, there is a more “glamour” and “trendy” water sport. You can go straight to the sunset, stand up or on your knees, on your paddle. There is a little risk to fall into the lagoon if you don’t have a good sense of balance, but there is nothing complicated about stand up paddle, especially as the sea is very quiet in l’Ermitage beach. At worst, if you fall, laughter and thrills are guaranteed! Alone, facing Indian Ocean, it’s a real post card landscape. I really loved this moment, out of time, making me proud of where I’m from!

Natuical activities: practice paddle during sunset at Ermitage beach in the west coast

Farniente or sport lovers, there are many things and nautical activities to do on our « caillou »’s beaches!

Nautical activities in Reunion Island West Coast: where to rent and how muck?

You can rent kayak, pedalo and paddle in many beach bars from Trou d’eau to l’Ermitage.
Close to La Bodega bar in Trou d’eau, with Planch Alizée in La Saline…
Prices are not equals depending on the different places. From 8 to 12€ per hour (price is decreasing gradually).

Go kayaking in the beautiful turquoise blue lagoon of l'Ermitage

There is also a transparent kayak version, to enjoy the seabed of Trou d’eau, la Saline and l’Ermitage’s lagoons. Nice to try, even if it can be a little frustrating for those, who, like me, want to go as fast as possible…or you paddle, or you admire. Be careful choosing your kayak. Try to have the newest one, less damaged it is, better will be the view!

Environmental advices to preserve Reunion’s beaches and coral reef

Material’s renters will certainly advise, but take care not passing through the coral reef (nicely named “patates”), you could damage your embarkation, and above all, the reef. You’d rather rent during high tide, conditions are better.
Consequently, if it’s possible, use more environmentally friendly sunscreen in order to protect Reunion Island underwater fauna and flora. 
Thank you not to let detritus (beach/sea). It’s nicer to watch and better for environnent!

You like nautical activities? We loved swimming with dolphins in Reunion Island!

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