Our feedback about travel hammock, mosquito net and tarp

Our feedback about Tropilex travel hammock

After the test on the armchair hammock for home, we tested the Tropilex travel hammock with mosquito net and tarp! Perfect for a travel blog, right?

Whether you are a “pro tent” or not, we must admit that the travel hammock option is not bad at all for lightweight and comfortable camping!

Our feedback about travel hammock + mosquito net and tarp to camp easily.

Being 2 (or even 3 with our little doggie), we are more used to take our good old tent. But for a solo bivouac, we have been seduced by the travel hammock + mosquito net + tarp combo, which can also be used independently of each other!

Come on, we describe the “travel hammock” gear in this article!

Here the characteristics of the different elements of the travel hammock combo:

Here the characteristics of the different elements of the Tropilex travel hammock combo (mosquito net and tarp).

1. Travel hammock:

  • Weight: 700g with storage bag, straps and carabiners.
  • Dimensions: 19 x 13 x 13cm
  • Max load: 120 kg
  • In parachute textile
  • It takes 2m20 minimum to hang it (to be comfortable and not completely folded up).

Perfect for going on a super light trip with its 700gr and normaly super resistant since in parachute fabric. It is also very easy to install. Simply clip the carabiners to the desired length on the “Tree-Strap”. Indeed, on this very large strap (it measures 2×3 meters), there are “holes” ready arranged to attach the carabiner directly!

Super light travel hammock, for camping or picnicking.

Used alone, it can hardly compete with its weight and ease of installation and storage!

2. Mosquito Bug Net:

  • Weight: 1kg with bag.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 15cm

If you’re a little paranoid about small critters, or… in an area full of mosquitoes or other pests, it’s perfect!

Like the hammock, the mosquito net is very simple to install, there is a cord provided of course. On the other hand, you have to pass the hammock through the mosquito net before installing everything… otherwise, you just have to start over!

Afterwards, it inevitably adds a good kilo, but until then, the total is 1.7 kg against often 2 to 4 kg for 1 tent.

The Bug Net mosquito net added with a tropilex hammock to protect against animals.

Mosquito Bug Net (mosquito net only) vs. Mosquito hammock (hammock + integrated mosquito net):

Note that there is also the travel hammock with mosquito net already integrated, which for once weighs only 1kg… it makes you think!

As a result, you will surely say: “Well then, what is the point of taking them separately…?”. Well as always, there are several schools, each with their + and their –

  • Advantage n°1: lighter, the Mosquito hammock weighs 1kg vs. 1.7kg for the hammock + Mosquito Bug Net.
  • Advantage n°2: the net of the Mosquito hammock does not attach to the ground (faster but less comfortable).
  • Disadvantage n°1: You can’t separate the hammock from the mosquito net for the Mosquito hammock, so if you only want the hammock, it’s heavier than the hammock alone.
  • Disadvantage n°2: the Bug Net once fixed to the ground is better stretched, there is more space. So more comfort and you can store your things “safely” on the ground in the mosquito net!
    You can also let it hang without stretching it if the ground is hard (rock for example).
There is plenty of space in the mosquito bug net when stretched.

So it’s up to you depending on your needs!

3. Tarp « Canopy », to stay dry:

  • Weight: 1.1 kg with storage bag.
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 5cm
  • Made of nylon / parachute textile (but waterproof)
  • Max length: 4m, max width: 3m and max height: 1.5m

To sleep dry, nothing better than a good tarp! The tarpaulin is easily hung with the cords (with eyelets). Once everything installed, it’s the best, we don’t fear anything!

The combo, travel hammock + mosquito net + tarp installed for a great bivouac.

Moreover, it can be used with the hammock, or just above a sleeping bag for those who really want to travel light. But also in simple tarpaulin or carpet during a picnic.

4. The combo: travel hammock + mosquito net + tarp

Of course, the 1st time you’ll install everything, it will take a moment. But once you’ve done it 1 or 2 times, it’s really super easy!

In total, the combo weighs 2.8kg (2.1kg if you opt for the hammock with integrated mosquito net + tarp). Which is the weight of a mid-range 2-person tent… Ours weighs 2kg for example.

But there, what we find great is that everything is flexible depending on where we go:

  • 1.7 kg (bivouac at the beach with mosquito net),
  • 1.8kg (bivouac in the moutains, without the mosquito net but with the tarp)
  • for a simple solution to install / store and according people, often more comfortable than a tent.

Because sleeping in a tent is not very comfortable if the ground is hard or you’ll have to add weight to add a small camping mattress.

Inside our travel hammock + mosquito net for a bivouac in Reunion.

5. Conclusion about the travel hammock + mosquito net + tarp:

Even if it only serves us when we go on a solo hike (because at 3 we prefer the tent), we are super happy with this travel combo! We rarely use the 3 at the same time, as explained above, either hammock + mosquito net, or hammock + tarp, or hammock alone!

We’ve had them for a while… a little over a year I think and the quality seems to be there!

Delivery: on the other hand, as already mentioned in the article on the hanging chair, the problem for us Reunionese is that although they have CO₂-neutral shipments… Tropilex does not deliver to Reunion.
Like the previous time, we took advantage of a stay in France to have it delivered there and bring it back!
>> Find out more about the values ​​of the Tropilex brand.

What about you? Are you more a tent or hammock person when you go for a bivouac in Reunion or elsewhere?

Here, links to find theirs products, chill or travel hammock: Tropilex and Hamac en ligne !