Saint-Gilles’ interactive tour

Zarlor « Saint-Gilles’ interactive tour » 

A life-size treasure hunt

You are in Saint-Gilles for holidays, or you are looking for a little fun activity to do with your children between a beach and a stop at the restaurant. The Saint-Gilles’ interactive tour from the West Tourist Office will give you a little educational time in THE seaside resort of Reunion.

What is a Zarlor ?

Zarlor is a creol word that means « treasure » !
But here, ” Zarlor ” are activities, recommendations (guided tours, sport or cutltural activities…) highlighted by the Tourist Office to discover or re discover the West part of the island.

Ze Caillou visiting the town with saint-gilles' interactive tour and baludil app.

Starting point: Saint-Gilles’church

That’s good, Romain has family on vacation in Reunion which stays in the heart of Saint-Gilles. It is therefore an opportunity to spend time with them, while learning a little more about the seaside resort of our pebble!

Baludik, it’s easy!

And yes, you will tell us, ok, but how does it all work? Well, just download the Baludik application (we assume Balade Ludique…) on your smartphone and off you go (in french). From now on, we will be guided by the audio messages (or podcats) of Ti Mat, the scout of the West.

Audios, vidéos, mini games, quizz, many funny ways to play with the saint-gilles' interactive tour app!

Audio messages, but not only, videos, compass, number of meters, rebus, riddle, quiz… just as many mini games to discover to advance from stage to stage to discover Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, its history, but also its emblematic places… Whether it’s the seafront, a shop, or the best ice cream parlor in town.

The beautiful Roches Noires' beach of during the saint-gilles' interactive visit.

Discovering the whole town…

So, we’re not going to… divulge the route of this interactive visit, that would be a shame. But be aware that you will have to walk around the city to discover the beach, the small shops, small restaurants. From the church at the other end of Saint-Gilles, you will follow the little chameleon Baludik from adventure to adventure to progress in this visit of about 2 hours.

You’ll even enjoy some surprises, like discounts with some service providers… in Saint-Gilles of course!

Almost the end of the tour…

Of course, the photos are not in order, so as not to give you any clues too quickly. But to conclude this mini adventure, you will have to go scan a QR code at the tourist office… it will be an opportunity to discover everything you can do in the West Island. As well as the contacts of several recognized service providers (boat trips, restaurants, mountain biking downhill at Maïdo, paragliding, etc.).

We end this visit with a video of Ti Mat who offers us to prolong the pleasure with a short walk in the middle of nature… in the heart of Saint-Gilles. And although that doesn’t matter, we take the opportunity to show the way to Romain’s aunts so that they can return later during their stay.

Short nature hike in the heart of Saint-Gilles les Bains.

Practical infos about the Saint-Gilles’ interactive tour:

This « Saint-Gilles’ interactive tour » Zarlor of about 2h starts at the town’s church. You’ll have to walk 2 or 3 km in the city center.

It’s free, you just have to download the Baludik app on Apple Store or Google Play.

Find all information and links to download the app on the West Tourism Office’s website (in french).

Do not forget: at least water and sunscream. And as you’re in Saint-Gilles, also swimsuit, towel and some money if you want to have a swim and have an icecream.

And to find all our activities in Réunion, it’s here !

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