Outdoor massage in Reunion Island

Outdoor massage at “Cap La Houssaye” 

Unusual activity in Reunion

Are you a fan of massage and of outdoor? So how about a massage in nature? A pure moment of relaxation with this Zarlor “massage at Cap La Houssaye” de Kalela Massage against a backdrop of savannah and ocean.

What is a Zarlor ?

Zarlor is a creol word that means « treasure » !
But here, ” Zarlor ” are activities, recommendations (guided tours, sport or cutltural activities…) highlighted by the Tourist Office to discover or re discover the West part of the island.

Outdoor massage in reunion island at Cap la houssaye

Meet at the Cap La Houssaye car park

To appreciate this Zarlor “Massage at Cap La Houssaye”, Antony from Kalela Massage gives us an appointment at 7 a.m. in the car park facing the sea. He offers massage in the savannah, more intimate, or on the rocks overlooking the sea with the sound of the ocean.

For its part, it is already installed at the top of a small hill in the savannah. For my massage, we start with a mini walk of 5 minutes to reach it. The table is set, the setting is idyllic. For Romain’s after, we’ll go to the sea side.

Antony’s massage

Before starting the massage, Antony takes a moment to introduce himself and ask us if we have any particular desires or pains. After training in massage at La Possession and Saint-Leu, he wanted to find a way to get closer to nature and offer, beyond the well-being side of massage, a disconnected outdoor experience.

Depending on your desires, his tailor-made massage consists of different techniques: Ayurvedic, Californian and lomi lomi with a little reflexology.

The tailor-made massage consists of different massage techniques.

We also chose the essential oil for our massage!

Time to relax

After giving our preferences and/or minor health concerns, it’s time to relax for 1 hour in this unusual place. It’s 7 a.m., the timing is perfect. Depending on the season, summer / winter, the time may vary so that the massage takes place in the best possible conditions.

In this setting that invites you to relax and let go, you feel disconnected. During this tailor-made massage, Antony will focus on the areas you have indicated to him or where he feels tension.

With a light breeze and the sound of the waves, we enjoy a massage from head to toe. Pressures on the scalp, massage under the feet, I do not miss a crumb even if this moment of well-being could make you want to doze off!

The pressure it takes!

As we are all different and to be sure that the massage suits us well, Antony checks that the level of pressure is ok. Do not hesitate to say what you think! This is your moment, you have to enjoy it 100% and the goal is to leave relaxed.

And that’s the state I was in after my massage! Afterwards, we moved to the sea side for Romain’s massage. Very nice also with the sea breeze… I can’t say which one I prefer!

A great moment of relaxation!

So, even if we are not massage’s addicts, but we still had the chance to get massages a few times and to know a little about the basics of the different massage techniques. And we both really appreciated this Zarlor and the Kalela experience… As much for the massage as for the outdoor setting that we love! We are not nature fans for nothing!

So if this kind of experience tempts you, we recommend!

Enjoy this outdoor massage in Reunion island, a great moment.

Practical infos about this Outdoor massage in Reunion Island:

This Zarlor « Outdoor massage in Reunion » takes place at Cap La Houssaye (same place as for the Snorkeling with underwater scooter’s activity!).

This 1-hour massage is offered by Antony de Kalela massage, a qualified practitioner. It includes the massage and a small gourmet break with herbal tea and fresh fruit.

Find all infos and book your experience on the Tourism Office website (in french).

Do not forget: water, swimsuit and a towel.

And to find all our activities in Réunion, it’s here !

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