Organise a road trip in Corsica in campervan

You’re looking to travel on the beauty island in campervan? Here are our tips and tricks after a 5 weeks road trip in Corsica in campervan from the beginning of April to the mid of May.

How to organise a road trip in Corsica in campervan.

Discover Corsica with a campervan

Find in this article, all ours tips to prepare your road trip in Corsica in campervan! >> Ferry, roads, hygiene, good tips…

Our itinerary and spots for campervan

  • 1- How to go to Corsica with your campervan

With a van, ferry of course!
For our road trip in Corsica in campervan, we’ve tested Corsica Ferries and Moby.

> With Corsica Ferries, we had zero worry, and price was reasonable (135 € for 2 people, the van up to 2,40m of height and our dog). Howerver there is no seat included in the ticket. We spent the trip on the floor (on a small sheet we had). Count 10 € / seat. Super plus: doggies with leash are accepted almost everywhere in the boat even common parts.

With Moby, no problem either and price even more affordable if you do not exceed 2.20m high (143€ including a cabin for 2 people and adapted to animals). However … you must necessarily book a cabin if you have an animal or take a place in kennel, because they are not accepted on board in the common areas.

We tried for you the ferry to Corsica with our campervan.

In both case, it’s forbidden to stay in your vehicle. (with some companies dogs can stay in the car).

  • 2- Where to park during a road trip in Corsica in campervan

Even if the water is fresh, and the GR20 is closed (refuges), it is the perfect time for a road trip in Corsica in campervan.

Find perfect spots to park during a road trip in Corsica in campervan.

As it’s still low season:

  1. We were able to park mostly everywhere without problems (no visit from neighbours or police). Staying discreet and respectful of course.
  2. Most of the time, we were alone in wonderful places.
  3. Most of the car parks were still free (except city centers of big cities, like Bonifacio, Ajaccio…).
  4. Of course, the Park4Night smartphone app helped us a lot to find cool spots. Do not hesitate to download it before your road trip in Corsica in campervan.

Sleep in front of the Bavella moutain during your road trip in Corsica in campervan.

>> For more pictures and itinerary ideas to help you organise your road trip in Corsica in campervan, have a look to our article about the best spots in Corsica.

Our advices and tips to organise your road trip in COrsica in campervan.

  • 3- Corsican roads

  1. Roads are relatively good on the main roads. However, very winding and it goes up and down. For our 26 year old van, some were quite unpleasant. Not necessarily very high, but with violent and long slope. Like the Teghime pass that connects Bastia to Saint-Florent. Good news, it was ok to go up to Bavella from Porto-Vecchio and down to Solenzara.
  2. Roads are free. No tolls like in continental France. Which is always a good news for vanlifers, but not only…

Vanlifers' advices to enjoy your road trip in Corsica in campervan.

  • 4- Take shower during a road trip in Corsica in campervan

It is possible to take showers in many harbour master’s office of Corsica (everywhere on the coast). Sometimes even for free during low season, such as Ajaccio or Bonifacio (water not always hot). Otherwise it costs between 2 and 3€ for 5 to 10 minutes of shower. In any case, we had no trouble keeping a good hygiene during our road trip in Corsica in campervan.

Park your van close to the beautiful artificial Ospedale lake close to the Bavella moutain.

It’s easy to find laundry too, howerever, it’s not cheap. Approx. 7€ for a 6kg wash.

  • 5- Eat and drink during your travel in Corsica

Ok, Corsica is not the cheapest place if you want to eat outside. Bars and restaurants are a big budget. On the other hand, there is not such a big difference with continental France if you make your groceries in big supermarkets (of course, it’s more expensive in small local shops).

Make your breakfast in front of the beach with your van in Corsica.

And local products are delicious. We ate local during mostly our all trip: fruits, vegetables, charcuterie and cheese, wine…

In April, water is fresh, at least we used it to refresh our beverages.

No fridge, tip to refresh your beverage during your road trip in corsica in campervan.

  • 6- Refill your water

On our side, we didn’t have too much trouble to recharge water. You can often find some close to harbours, cimeteries (entrance). You can also find drinking water sources on the roadside or in town (as in Lumio or on the road between Piana and Cargèse, Bavella and Solenzara …).

Other tip, it’s possible to drink the water of many rivers in Corsica!

The Fango river water is one of the clearest water of the world.

This time, our advice is to download the app. Download it before your trip, and also the maps of the country you’ll visit (here Corsica). Once on your phone, the app doesn’t need internet connection. Really useful, it indicates mostly everything: supermarkets, gas stations, drinking water, wc…).

Enjoy the beautiful Piscia di Gallo waterfall during your road trip in corsica in campervan.

Enjoy your roadtrip on the beauty island!

We hope that this article will be useful and will help you to prepare your road trip in Corsica in campervan. Do not hesitate to give us a feed back and tell your tips. It’s always pleasant for us!

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Saint Antoine beach, one of our favorite spot in South corsica during our road trip in van.


  1. 30 May 2019

    hi guys, thank you for cool advices 🙂 what you mean by “harbour master’s office of Corsica” for showers please? How to find it? thanks 🙂

    • Hello Tomas, nice to hear that our article is helpful for you. I’m not an english native speaker, I do my best! In many corsican’s touristic harbours (with leisure boats), there is an office that offers a sanitary service (toilets, showers, laundry…) for people that rent a boat space. But they were always ok to let us use it even if we had no boat there. Just look for this office on the harbour (Calvi, Ajaccio, Bonifacio…) be nice and ask. It’s even sometimes free in low season (not for laundry). Have a good trip there!

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