Hike High Tatras Moutains in Slovakia

You are looking for a nice walk to do in Slovakia, see here the route details of our hike in High Tatras moutains.

During our road trip in Slovakia by van, we made a great trek in the wonderful High Tatras moutain range in northern Slovakia.
(>> our road trip in Slovakia)

This hike starts from Tatransca Lomnica and climb to the heart of the mountain range … then descend to Lake Zelene Pleso, which reflected like a mirror. We then finish with a nice pleasant track in the forest up to the road.

Great view on the Skalnate pleso lake, at the start of the trek in high tatras moutain

Hike High Tatras moutains

(when: october)

Find here all useful info to walk one of the best hike in High Tatras moutains.

1/ Our hike in High Tatras, main infos

These information are valid with taking the cable car and returning on foot and not by bus.

  • 1.1/ Total distance:  17,3 km
  • 1.2/ Approximate time: 5h to 7h
  • 1.3/ Type of tour: it’s a loop
  • 1.4/ Road markings: easy and frequent, many indication signs during the walk up to Zelene pleso, a bit less to the bus stop. Then, no signs from the bus to Tatranska Lomnica parking.

There are many indication signs if you hike in high tatras moutains.

  • 1.5/ Difference in height – positive elevation: 260 meters / negative elevation: 1050 meters
  • 1.6/ Environment: Moutains range, snowy peaks, lakes and forest.

2/ Zelene Pleso hike stages’ details

2.1/ Start of the hike in High Tatras Moutains

Start of the hike in high tatras moutains is at Tatranska Lomnica cable car station

Hike’s start is from the Tatransca Lomnica cable car park (free) (near Vysoke Tatry). It is a ski resort in winter. The cable car is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m (there are toilets and a small shop).

Price: the price of the cable car varies but remains expensive. We paid € 17 per person and recovered € 2 each by returning the magnetic card on return (their website, is not very clear).

Cable car's pricelist for Skalnate Pleso, trek in high Tatras in slovakia

Crowds: We were there on weekdays in October. And honestly, there was hardly anyone to hike in High Tatras moutains! Beware of weekends perhaps, so we didn’t have to book the cable car in advance.

Dogs: dogs are allowed, even in the cable car, but with leash and muzzle. However, during the walk, we left her free.

2.2/ Cable car to Skalnaté Pleso

Nothing special to say. Personally, we hesitate a moment because we find that the price is really high, but clearly we do not regret. The climb is quite rough, in full sun, and especially without real interest (we are on a ski slope (without snow) without vegetation, with big poles in the middle. In short, nothing crazy.

This is the path if you prefere to climb instead of taking the cable car.

However, if you don’t want to pay for cable car, here are the info:

Tatranska Lomnica Parking > Skalnaté Pleso : 5 km and 870 meters positive elevation (2/3h).

2.3/ Up to the Vel’ka Svist’ovka summit

We descend to Skalnaté Pleso. There are bars and restaurants of course. Sun loungers to chill on… but we start walking towards the Velka svistovka summit which rises to an altitude of 2037 m.

1st stage at Skalnate Pleso during our trek in high Tatras moutains in slovakia

1st nice lake (le Skalnaté) and point of view, then we climb to the summit. We walk in rocks, but the path remains easy (the stones are large and stable).

Up to the top which rises at 2037 meters in high Tatras moutains chain.

Huaca is so happy. Once on the top… we are lucky to enjoy a great view on the high Tatras moutains range and on the Zelene pleso lake.

Skalnaté Pleso > Velka Svistovka : 2,9 km and 260 meters positive elevation (1h30/2h).

Best hike in Slovakia: great view from the top of high Tatras Mountains.

2.4/ Go down to Zelene Pleso lake

We continue our hike in High Tatras and begin the descent to the lake. Between bushes and rock walls, the landscape is beautiful. It is sometimes a little stiff, but there are ropes / chains to help you when necessary.

Hike in high Tatras in Slovakia, on the way to Zelene Pleso lake

It's sometimes a bit stiff, but there are ropes and chains to help walkers.

We arrive to a 1st small lake, the Cierne Pleso, which is frozen. Indeed, it is in the shade a large part of the day. As you can see here, whereas it’s sunny everywhere else!

Small frozen Cierne Pleso lake, close to Zelene pleso in Tatras moutains.

Then finally to Zelene Pleso lake. There is a magnificent mirror reflection and the view is superb (see the image of the article).

We cross a small wooden bridge to join a restaurant, with public are toilets outside.

Take a break ta the Zeleno pleso lake restaurant during your hike in high tatras moutains.

We continue a bit more on the other side of the lake to have a peaceful picnic. From here, we can see the lake, the restaurant on the left and also the path from where we arrived.

Our picnic spot close to Zelene pleso lake in high tatras moutains in Slovakia.

Velka svistovka > Zelene Pleso : 2,7 km and 450 meters negative elevation (1h/1h30).

2.5/ Way back to Biela Voda bus stop

We continue the hike in high tatras by a path on the left (when the restaurant is in our back). Left just after crossing the small wooden bridge.

The rest of the hiking trail is on the left after crossing the wooden bridge.

At the start of the path you'll follow a river that goes in the forest.

This path runs along a small stream and passes through a forest, it is very pleasant. Often shaded, the landscape changes from the mountainous landscape that we have had so far.

The path to finish the hike in high tatras moutains runs close to a stream.

Path in the wood during our trek in the high tatras moutains range.

We finally arrive at the road level, at the Biela Voda bus stop. We have almost finished this beautiful hike in High Tatras.

Zelene Pleso > Biela Voda : 7,6 km and 600 meters negative elevation (2h).

2.6/ Way back to Tatranska Lomnica parking

We thought we were going to go back by bus, but we don’t really understand the timetables. But it seems that at this time of year, there aren’t many. So we then decide to finish this loop on foot.

Biela voda bus stop at the end of the hike in high tatras moutains in Slovakia.

So far we walked 13.3 km and it takes about 4 km more to get back on foot. The path is flat and rather pleasant. We have the “maps” app, so we could easily follow a path to the Tatranska parking lot. Without it, it would have been complicated because it’s not indicated at all and on the road it’s quite dangerous.

We did the first 650 meters on the road (not pleasant because no sidewalk), then took a path on the right. After a little less than 1km, we arrive in front of the Hotel Sorea. We walk along its front, and about 1.4km later we arrive at the Grand Hotel. Following a small street on the right, we arrive 600 meters later in front of the small evangelical church just below the cable car park.

We arrive in front of the church that we can see from the tatranska lomnica car park.

Biela Voda > Parking Tatranska Lomnica : a bit less than 4 km and very few elevation (1h).

Here, everything is wrapped up! We hope you like this article on our hike in the High Tatras and that you will find it useful. Do not hesitate to write us a message if this is the case or if you have a question!

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