Visit the Seychelles, a paradise archipelago

12 DAYS to visit the Seychelles

Discover our 12 days itinerary to visit the Seychelles, a 115 islands archipelago more beautiful one from each other. Located in the Indian Ocean, north from Madagascar.

Find in this travel blog, all information to visit the Seychelles.

A refreshing stay, magnificent landscapes, very kind locals, rich flora and fauna. We enjoyed the deserted beaches as much as we did snorkeling, diving, discovering the coconuts, the giant tortoises, flying foxes (bats) and widows (birds)…

Come on, it’s time to explore the Seychelles. Find here the information on our 12-day trip to visit the Seychelles.

Although there are a lot of islands to discover, including real gems of nature and preservation, we didn’t want to just run. We therefore decided to visit the 3 main islands forming “the heart of the Seychelles”. Either Mahé, the main island, Praslin and La Digue (4 days per island).

Discover Mahé (4 nights)

Discover Praslin (4 nights)

Discover La Digue (3 nights)

Useful info to prepare your trip and visit the Seychelles.

1 – Mahé, the main Seychelles island 

Arriving in Victoria, we decide to spend the first 2 and 2 last nights there.

Regarding the main island and also the largest (150 km² divided into 27 km long by 8 wide), we preferred to rent a car to move around as we pleased, which we do not regret at all .

What to do in Mahé, Seychelles ?

Hike in Mahé:
  • Anse Major: easy, 4km round trip, 218m+ take 1h30, one of the most beautiful hikes on Mahé!
    In the north, the departure is at the end of Bel ombre after Beau Vallon.
  • Reserve Trail: super easy, 2km and around 1 hour round trip, only 134m of elevation + we cross a beautiful palm forest to arrive on a vast glacis which overlooks the east coast (be careful, the promontory is in very poor condition 07/23).
    You will surely see mangasave on the way (traditional medicines, insecticide and dye). The nearest bus stop is: Cable and Wireless.
  • Petit Police to Police Bay: 2km and 1 hour return, we pass pretty beaches. At the end, a marsh on the left with birds, in season, you can apparently rent small kayaks.
Mahé’s beaches:
  • For swimming, we preferred Anse Intendance, Anse Soleil and Anse Major of course.
  • Anse Takamaka and Police Bay are very beautiful, but there was quite a bit of current (July).
  • Beau Vallon, to the north, is famous, but we didn’t go there because it was too developed for our taste.
  • Small mention for Glacis Beach, in the North where although we had arrived 2 hours ago in the Seychelles, we saw a school of dolphins having fun barely thirty meters from us.
Snorkel in Mahé:

Our 2 favorite spots: Fairy Land, South-East coast a little north of Anse Royale and Anse Soleil, to the South-West towards Baie Lazare. We saw lots of fish, rays… top notch!

Victoria, the capital :

Quite small, ½ day is more than enough in our opinion to visit Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles and its Creole architecture. In the center, we find its colorful covered market (fish, fruit and clothes), its small central square with the Clock Tower, erected in memory of Queen Victoria and a miniature of Little Ben in London. The Sri Navasakti Vinayagar Hindu temple and the National History Museum.

Further to the South, the Unity Monument, to the North, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. This is also where we had the chance to taste local cuisine at a reasonable price, especially since we arrived on Independence Day weekend, lucky people!

Le Morne Seychellois :

Of course, the famous Morne Seychellois, perfect for walking too! It is a granite peak, the largest Seychellois park and also the highest point of the archipelago at 906 meters.

Seychelles’ hotels, where to sleep in Mahé?

For the first time… in our lives, yes, we took all our accommodation on Airbnb before visiting the Seychelles. Indeed, traveling on rather tight budgets, we quickly chose to go to guest houses or small hotels to stay on a budget of less than €100 per night for 2.

1. Maison d’hôtes Mazelia Self Catering at Célisse (Seychelloise) – Quatres Bornes, South.

Nothing to complain about this accommodation in Mahé in Seychelles. A charming welcome, an exotic place, well appointed, with a garden. Also lots of good advice and the possibility of Célisse preparing the evening meal for a reasonable sum, yum!

The only slight problem is that if you are not very comfortable in the car, the arrival can be a little annoying. To find and go there. But personally no regrets, we highly recommend!

74€ per night for 2 for a large, fully equipped private bungalow. With bathroom, kitchen, fan, TV washing machine and parking space…
AirbnB Mazelia page

2. Anse Soleil Resort – Baie Lazare, South-West

A small apartment with sea view 2 minutes by car from Anse Soleil. Recent, well equipped, also very good value for money.

85€ per night for 2 for a room with terrasse, AC, equipped kitchen, TV, private vathroom, parking space.
Airbnb Anse Soleil’s page

2 – Praslin, the Coco Fesses’ island

Ferry Mahé – Praslin

First of all, the Mahé Praslin ferry is taken from the main port in the North-East not far from Victoria.

You can book your trips online (it’s best to book them in advance). The price is 62€/person. in economy class for approximately 1 hour 15 minutes (January 2024 price).

From July to September, the season of Suet winds, the sea is rough, the journey was very very folkloric. Don’t hesitate to take medication for seasickness. There is also a plane to make this trip, but we are not on the same budget.

What to do in Praslin, visit the Seychelles ?

The view at the top of the Fond Ferdinand hike, an alternative to the Vallée de Mai in Praslin.

Arrival at Baie Sainte-Anne south of Praslin. We planned to take a bus, but for the past 2 days, we no longer pay for a bus in cash, you have to have a bus card that you can buy in certain shops. But since it’s been 2 days, the stores have not yet been supplied with cards.

Fortunately a nice lady offered to pay for our tickets with her card and we reimbursed her in cash.

Hike in Praslin :

Anse Lazio > Anse Georgette : This beautiful hike joins 2 of the most beautiful beaches in Praslin! Around 7km return or 3 hours. 200m+. Unfortunately, the path is not necessarily always very well indicated.
Leave Anse Lazio (for us a little earlier because from the Anse Boudin bus stop which adds 2km return). We follow the coast going up a little, then descend a little steeply to Anse Georgette, one of our favorite Seychellois beaches. Be careful, access is regulated when you come from the other side because it is governed by a luxury hotel, yes yes, that’s no joke!

Fond Ferdinand : approx 2km and 130m+.
A beautiful view on Sainte-Anne Baie (where we arrive with the ferry) and discover the coco fesses.

Fond Ferdinand, discover the coco fesses :
As an alternative to the Vallée de Mai, we were advised to visit Fond Ferdinand. Less frequented, a little less expensive and a priori just as good for discovering the coco glutes: 10€ / person. But also the giant tortoises of the Seychelles. It is located in the very south of Praslin, at the bus stop in front of Anse Louise.

Praslin’s beaches:
  • Anse Georgette, our favorite beach to play with the waves!
  • Anse Lazio, beautiful with its big rocks.
  • Anse Volbert and the small Chauve Souris island.
  • Anse Boudin and Takamaka

>> A bit less the West coast beaches (at least during this season because there is a lot of seaweed due to the big winds).

Dive in Praslin:

There are many diving centers in Seychelles. For our part, we went with the Whitetip diving center (around €65 per person). A nice outing with rays and small sharks.

Snorkel in Praslin:

In the peak of the Suet wind season, you can’t swim everywhere because of the currents, but we really liked the spot north of Anse Volbert, around the small Île Chauve-Souris, a small island managed by a swimming agency. Italian trip.

Small plus, the « Zimbabwe » view point for the sunset. We went up with a bus at Anse Boudin (North-East).

Superb sunset from the Zimbabwe viewpoint in Praslin.

Did you know that the coco fesse, emblem of the Seychelles, is certainly the largest seed in the world and that it originates from Praslin… Coming from the “Coco de mer” (a palm tree), its trade is very regulated because there are few left in the world. It sells very expensively, no less than €500 per coconut and requires certificates to leave the country with it.

Hostels in Seychelles, where to sleep in Praslin?

1. Coco Bay Villa, Anse Volbert, East

A small bungalow with bedroom, private bathroom, kitchen (little equipment) and terrace. Not the ultimate net plus, but great welcome, very well located and good value for money. Nearest bus stop “Moulinie Estate”.

70€ per night for 2 for a room with terrace, AC, fridge, private bathroom and p parkin space.
Coco Bay Villa’s Airbnb page.

2. Palm Beach Hotel, Grande Anse, West

More “upscale” hotel (for us, not Seychelles). Facing the sea, with swimming pool. Nice, well-appointed room, balcony with view. Bus stop opposite “Palm Beach”.

140€ per night for 2 for the room with sea view balcony. King size bed, AC, mini bar (extra charge), private bathroom, parking and a good breakfast included..
Palm Beach Hotel’s Airbnb page

3 – La Digue, the bikes island

Ferry Praslin – La Digue

You have to take the Praslin > La Digue ferry where you arrived, à Baie Saint-Anne. Price: 16€/pers – 7€/child and about 15 mins (price january 2024).

What to do in La Digue, visit the Seychelles?

Rent a bike at La Digue, Seychelles

Arrival in the North-West of La Digue, this little paradise island measuring 5km by 3.4km. We are offered transport and bike rental, but we have our big bags so we walk to our accommodation which is 10/12 mins away.

Once settled, we take care of renting our bikes, directly with Alex, our host. Mountain bikes at a price equivalent to those on the main street, around 120 rupees.

Discover La Digue by bike:

La Digue is the perfect spot for cycling along its sides and coming across giant turtles on the side of the road. Be careful, you cannot go around the island, southwest level, the road stops at the Union Estate (the place where you get your “ticket” for Source d’Argent), and next South-East, at Anse Fourmis.

There is still a little bit of elevation in places, like when you go to Grande Anse in the South (a good descent that you will have to go back up) and I’m not talking about going up to the viewpoint (for the mini hike of Nid d’Aigle).

La Digue hike:

Nid d’Aigle, the island summit: easy with its 2.6km for 1h/1h30 return and 213m+ when you start from the Belle Vue restaurant. Otherwise we extend starting from lower.

Anse Fourmis > Anse Cocos: 2.5km return. It is in itself an adventure that we only recommend to walkers/climbers in sneakers (at least in the stormy season). Several narrow passages, climbing on some large stones… many groups quickly turn around because it can be dangerous. In any case on the first part up to Anse Caïman. From there to Anse Coco it’s a normal hike. You can definitely leave Grande Anse to go to Anse Caïman, which is much safer.

Grande Anse > Anse Marron: we had planned to do this “secret” hike… clearly, very difficult to do a good part of the year at the risk of getting stuck by the tides. Having tried, it’s not a good idea in July.

La Digue’s beaches:
  • Anse Caïman, for its magical little cove with a small rasta bar (exorbitantly priced beer).
  • Grand l’Anse, for having stayed there for 3 hours alone in the world.
  • Anse Cocos, (left part), pretty but too crowded.
  • Anse Banane, pretty stretch of beach in front of the little restaurant Chez Jules.
  • Anse Sévère, perfect for a sunset without straying too far from the “center” of La Digue.
  • Anse La Réunion, closer to our hotel… and then, it’s Réunion!
  • Oh yes, and Anse Source d’Argent, off course! We talk about it because we need to talk about it, but we haven’t gone there. Sorry but paying 10€ per person to go to a crowded beach, as beautiful as it is, we couldn’t bring ourselves to do it!

Dive in La Digue: we only dive in Praslin, but there are spots here too.

Snorkel in La Digue

3 nice spots for snorkeling in La Digue. To the left of Anse Severe, to the far left of Anse Cocos and Anse Caïman.

“Réserve de la veuve”:

A reserve to observe the emblematic bird of the Digue: le gobe mouches de paradis, or “la vev” in créole.

The male Flycatcher of La Digue in the Seychelles which can be observed at the Widow's Reserve.

Autonomous 150 rupees / person. or on a guided tour (+50 rupees) you can see a beautiful bluish-black bird with a long tail. The female looks a lot like our virgin zoizo (the male).

Oiseau femelle gobe mouche de paradis des Seychelles.Oiseau la vierge mâle de la Réunion ressemblant à la femelle gobe mouche de paradis des Seychelles.
On the left the female Gobe Mouche of the Seychelles, on the right the male “Zoiseau la Vierge from Reunion.

« Anse La Réunion, Mont Salazie, Anse Takama, for sure there were 2 or 3 people from Reunion settled herey!? »

Hotels in Seychelles, where to sleep in La Digue?

1. Lucy’s guesthouse, Anse La Réunion, West

Pretty house, well appointed and managed by Alex and Cleopatra. Well located in Anse La Réunion yes yes! Nice, clean room with a well-equipped kitchen. Little hummingbird in the garden during breakfast…

Only problem when we were there, work right next door not very pleasant if you want to stay a little relaxed during the day or sleep later than 7 a.m.

Notre hébergement à La Digue lorsque nous avons visité les Seychelles.

95€ per night for 2 for a room with balcony, AC, small fridge and private bathroom.
Lucy’s Guesthouse’s Airbnb page.

For the ferry back La Digue – Mahé, it’s about 74€ in eco/ pers. for 1h30 (it’s goes back by Praslin).

Visit the Seychelles, infos

More useful infos pratiques to prepare a trip to Seychelles:

  • Languages: independent since 1976, French, English and Seychellois Creole are spoken. The Seychelles are approximately 455km²… spread over 115 islands.
  • Currency: the currency is the Seychellois rupee (conversion: 1 euro = 14.40 rupees in February 2024).. It is relatively expensive, find out the prices before you go and if you are on a tight budget, do not hesitate do not book your accommodation in advance.
  • Withdrawal: ATM are quite easily found on these 3 islands.
  • Driving: driving is on the left. In Mahé, it is still more practical to have a vehicle, for Praslin and La Digue bus and bike ok (no car rental in La Digue).
  • Bus: buy a card in the shops and not in the bus.
  • Best period: except if you are a fan of kitesurfing (not very developed by the way), think about the winds and strong swells from Nov to March (North-West) and from June to Sept. (South East). The sea is very rough and there may be deposits of seaweed. Swimming is prohibited on the beaches concerned.

Mandatory online procedure: PLEASE NOTE you must declare yourself online BEFORE arrival on this website, at least 48 hours before arrival (around €10 / person), if you do not do so not, on site the price is much higher.

  • Watch out for sand flies. We didn’t have any problems on Mahé, but on Praslin at Anse Volbert, Romain was eaten and itched for several days.
  • Ferry reservation: do not hesitate to book your trips at least 1 or 2 days in advance on this website !

All prices in the article are given for information purposes only, they may vary depending on the period (holidays, week/weekend, etc.) or changes in prices.

There you go, we hope that this article has inspired you or helped you prepare for your trip to visit the Seychelles.


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