grr2 day 1, best trek in reunion island

GRR2 Day 1 from North to South Saint-Denis (Camp Mamode) > Dos d’âne Duration: 5h40 Distance: 13,72 km High elevation: 878 m high / 942 m down Markings: Bon How is the path: Good, the portion between Roche Ecrite gite and Dos d’Âne has even been restaured at the time we did the GRR2. GRR2 Day 1: Start from Camp Mamode For this GRR2 Day 1 we decide to start from Camp Mamode. Indeed, the path from La Providence (city) was not that fun. And…Continue Reading “GRR2 day 1: Saint-Denis > Dos d’âne”

Découvrez la Hongrie en van et ne manquez pas ses superbes bains turcs.

Hungary, Budapest, that surely speaks to you … and clearly we really like this capital. But not only that, the country deserves a closer look… Here is our 18 days itinerary of road trip in Hungary with a van. Hungary with a van Our 18 days itinerary to prepare a trip in Hungary with a van. (period: october)  1/ 2 weeks itinerary in Hungary with a van Find on the map above our different spots in Hungary: where to park your van, turkish bath,…Continue Reading “Hungary with a van, great discovery”

Enjoy a great nature trip in this nice hotel in Terre Rouge, Reunion.

You want to take a breath, go to the Wild South of Reunion Island … We tried a superb hotel in Terre Rouge. It’s the Terre Rouge Guest House in Vincendo, and it’s a big crush. Terre Rouge, Cap Jaune… it’s the same place but go find out why, we like make life a bit more complicated! Hotel in Terre Rouge Here are all the info about the Terre Rouge guesthouse Terre Rouge’s bungalows Open 4 nights per week, from Monday to Thursday, the 3…Continue Reading “Hotel in Terre Rouge, luxe and nature”

50 easy ways to help save the planet Earth, 50 things ecologic to do at home or outside.

Easy ways to save the planet Earth… maybe you’re asking yourself why travel bloggers write an article about environment? And why not? If you follow us on Facebook you certainly saw that we try to tell important message everytime we can. Preserve nature, favor local / handmade / and reused products, donate blood, stop single-use plastic … It’s not because we write about travel that we can’t also promote some values very important for us, and that deserve to be seen / read by more and…Continue Reading “50 things to do to help save the planet”

Superbe randonnée dans les hautes Tatras de Slovaquie un massif magnifique.

You are looking for a nice walk to do in Slovakia, see here the route details of our hike in High Tatras moutains. During our road trip in Slovakia by van, we made a great trek in the wonderful High Tatras moutain range in northern Slovakia. (>> our road trip in Slovakia) This hike starts from Tatransca Lomnica and climb to the heart of the mountain range … then descend to Lake Zelene Pleso, which reflected like a mirror. We then finish with a nice…Continue Reading “Hike High Tatras Moutains in Slovakia”

Découvrez les magnifiques routes de Slovaquie en van lors d'un road trip en Europe.

2 weeks in Slovakia by van A country we didn’t know much about but that we really loved! Unlike our road trip in Czech Republic, where we were coming from, we had very good weather and were able to go hiking in magical places. Between small traditional villages, castles and hikes… find here the details of our travel itinerary in Slovakia by van and some useful information for vanlife in Slovakia. Visit Slovakia by van 1/ 2 weeks itinerary in Slovakia  (when: october) Find…Continue Reading “Slovakia by van, a must do in Europe”