Travel by ferry with a dog, all you need to know for your trip.

Ferry with a dog Travelling with an animal by ferry in Europe Is there a ferry ticket for your dog and how to book it? Can I take my dog on a ferry? Will he or she be in a kennel, with you, in your vehicle (if you travel with your car or like us, in a campervan)? Which ferries allow dogs on board? Are there any special precautions to take, paperwork, vaccines? Travelling to Europe with a pet, these were all the questions we…Continue Reading “Travelling by ferry with a dog in Europe”

Mount KRN a great alternative to the Mount Triglav hike in Slovenia.

The Mount Triglav hike seems to be a must during a stay in Slovenia. You want to climb Mount Triglav but like us, you do not have 2 or 3 days for this? Or maybe it’s still to cold to climb the Slovenia’s highest peak (2864m) in Triglav National Park? If you look for an other wonderful slovenian moutain trail, we advise you an alternative hike in the south of the Triglav Park. This easier option really made us live an unforgettable moment. Landscapes are…Continue Reading “A great option to Mount Triglav climb: beautiful Mt KRN”

Travel in Slovenia and discover our roadtrip in Slovenia with a van or campervan.

In Slovenia, we were amazed by the beauty of the landscapes, the nature and the Slovenes’ kindness. After a 17 days roadtrip in Slovenia with our campervan, we give you our travel blog our Tops 5 about Slovenia: Nature Trip, the Must Do: our top 5 of nature spots you should not miss. What to do in Slovenia: our top 5 of things to do before leaving Slovenia. Life with a campervan: things to know and advices when travelling by van in Slovenia – vanlife…Continue Reading “Roadtrip in Slovenia by van, what you should know”

Flying with a dog, find info about traveling by plane with an animal on our blog.

You are afraid of flying with a dog, traveling by plane with your pet? Wondering how a flight goes, how does your animal travel? How are they transported from the check-in to the hold? Are they with the luggages? What are the papers and other items needed to prepare for your pet’s flight? We can only understand you since these are all the questions we asked ourselves before traveling by plane with Huaca, our little dog. Flying with a dog Sorry, the video is in…Continue Reading “Flying with a dog, all you need to know”

Visit Venice in 2 days with a van, so romantic.

You want to visit Venice in 2 days without missing the essential? Safely, with or without a campervan? With or without dog? With a rather small budget? We give you here, in our travel blog, all our tips, advices and favorites things to do in Venice, after we visited the town during our italian roadtrip (june 2018) Where to park a van in Venice, public transport, visit Venice with a dog, best areas to party, our favorites… Visit Venice in 2 days 1/ Where to…Continue Reading “Visit Venice in 2 days with a campervan”

Best places to visit in Corsica for your next travel, sun destination.

You dream to visit Corsica, we understand why. After only 1 week of roadtrip in Corsica (on our 5 weeks spent on the beauty island), we were already in love! Don’t leave because we tell here where are the most beautiful places of Corsica and what we must not miss. Corsica best places to see Breathtaking landscapes, top activities, very welcoming locals, and very good things to eat and drink!  Our itinerary in Corsica Whether you like beach or mountains, you will always find…Continue Reading “Best places and best things to do in Corsica (France)”