Découvrez notre liste d'activités culturelles à la Réunion pour en apprendre plus sur notre île.

Cultural activities in La Reunion. You want to learn a little more about Reunion Island? Whether you are in holidays on our island or a pure product made in 974, it is always rewarding to learn a little more about the place you discover / where you live! This is why we suggest in this article (that we will update regularly), cultural activities in La Reunion. To do alone, as a couple, with family, with friends … some ideas to learn more about our Caillou…Continue Reading “Cultural activities in La Reunion”

A van roadtrip in Reunion Island is a great island to discover the wild south and the volcano.

Feel free visiting Reunion Island  As big fans of adventures and van roadtrips – see our roadtrip in Europe in van – let’s say that we jumped for joy when Black Sheep, a brand new van rental company in Reunion offered us to do make a little trip with them! A van roadtrip in Reunion, is it possible? First of all, we give youthe local context to make your mouth water or comfort you in the idea that discovering Reunion Island by van is…Continue Reading “Van roadtrip in Reunion Island”

Find local artcrafts from Reunion Island, food, veg and fruits...

Discover the culture of La Reunion through its various markets To be immersed in the local culture, nothing better than a market! Why do we love so much traditional markets? Everyone, or at least, most of everyone like local markets. People from Reunion go there to shop fresh products at the best price. But also tourists who love to discover a country’s culture through one of the most typical event they can easily find, the traditional market. That’s why it was obvious for us to…Continue Reading “Reunion Island’s traditional markets”

Entrée de lanternes de l'école franco-chinoise pour la célébration du nouvel an chinois

Participate Chinese new year festivities! Be immersed in La Reunion’s culture, Chinese celebrations This year, in 2017, we are celebrating the Fire Rooster Year ! As we are not professional of the occidental astrology, we won’t try to explain the signification of the fire rooster sign. But the 12 Chinese signs are : Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Dog and Pig. If you want to know your Chinese sign, go on : find your Chinese sign! Personaly, we are Tiger and Ox….Continue Reading “Celebrate the Chinese new year in Reunion Island”

Beautiful mountain view when hiking to the Mafate kabar

So let’s start with the learning section of this article. Mafate kabar: “Kabar” is a Creole word that comes from the “Kabaré Services” from Madagascar. Originally, it was the slaves who organized the celebrations in honor of the ancestors or to facilitate harvesting. They sang their sorrows and evils, by pining or accelerating the pace. Today, on the Reunion Island, a Kabar became a musical and festive gathering, with in the lead, Maloya, but not only. Regarding Maloya, I can only advise you to go…Continue Reading “What is the Mafate Kabar Festival?”