Découvrez notre liste d'activités culturelles à la Réunion pour en apprendre plus sur notre île.

Cultural activities in La Reunion. You want to learn a little more about Reunion Island? Whether you are in holidays on our island or a pure product made in 974, it is always rewarding to learn a little more about the place you discover / where you live! This is why we suggest in this article (that we will update regularly), cultural activities in La Reunion. To do alone, as a couple, with family, with friends … some ideas to learn more about our Caillou…Continue Reading “Cultural activities in La Reunion”

Notre magnifique randonnée à Mafate lors du grr3 Réunion.

GRR3 Trek : discover Mafate (Reunion) Find in this article our GRR3 trek’s details, a 4 days hike in Mafate. Walking indications, bivouac ideas or sleeping in a lodge and other information on this trek. Be sure to deconnect from your daily life in the “Inhabited Heart” of Reunion Island, the island’s National Park and Unesco World Heritage since 2010. After GRR1 et GRR2, we’ve just achieved the 3rd GR of the island, the GRR3 trek. GRR3 trek, hike in Mafate We did the GRR3 over…Continue Reading “GRR3 Trek – hike in Mafate”

Retrouvez les meilleures activités sportives à la Réunion.

Outdoor activities in Reunion You are looking for fun outdoor activities to do in Réunion? That’s pretty good considering the vast panorama of activities that can be done on our beautiful island. Indeed, there will be something for all tastes …Water sports, vertiginous, nature, whaterver you want! Here is a list, not exhaustive of course, of sport activities in Reunion: Water sport activities We’ll start with water sports … yes, don’t forget, we’re on an island! 1. Rafting We tried rafting in eastern Reunion on…Continue Reading “Best outdoor activities in Reunion Island”

The grr2 day 9 is the last stage of this great trek in reunion island.

GRR2 Day 9: Gîte du Volcan (Volcano)>Saint-Philippe, all details about this part of one of the best trek in Reunion island. A long, but very very nice path to finish this great aventure! GRR2 Day 9 North to South Volcano>Saint-Philippe Duration: 8h30 Distance: 24 km High Elevation: 127 meters high / 2300 meters down Markings: Good / How is the path: Ok, but lots of slippery branches and rocks The beginning of the end! Our last awakening from this adventure. It tastes kind of like…Continue Reading “GRR2 Day 9: Volcano>Saint-Philippe”

Our grr2 day 8, best trek in Reunion Island.

GRR2 Day 8: Bourg Murat (Plaine des Cafres)>Volcano all details about this part of one of the best trek in Reunion island. Hard to realise that tomorrow will be the last day of the trail! GRR2 Day 8 North to South Bourg Murat>Volcano Duration: 7h15 Distance: 19,9 km High Elevation: 1063 meters high / 471 meters down Markings: Good / How is the path: MUDDY! Wet crossing of the Plaine des Cafres After having spent a good night in the warmth, we leave Le Gîte…Continue Reading “GRR2 Day 8: Bourg Murat>Volcano”

Best hike in Reunion, here our grr2 day 7

GRR2 Day 7: Cilaos > Bourg Murat (Plaine des Cafres), all details about this part of one of the best trek in Reunion island. GRR2 Day 7 North to South Cilaos>Bourg Murat Duration: 6h45 Distance: 18 km High Elevation: 968 meters high / 702 meters down Markings: Good / How is the path: Good Second path: by “Le coteau de Kerveguen” (former official path) As we climbed Piton des Neiges by “Le Bloc” just 2 weeks before our GRR2’start, we decided to climb Le Kerveguen…Continue Reading “GRR2 Day 7: Cilaos>Bourg Murat”