Aurere > Cayenne in Mafate, our grr2 day 3.

GRR2 Day 3: Aurère>Cayenne, all details about this part of the best trek in Reunion island. GRR2 Day 3 North to South Aurère>Cayenne Duration: 5h30 Distance: 12,58 km High elevation: 683 meters high / 1100 meters down Markings: Good / How is the path: Good Stop in Aurère before start We pack our staff and walk 10 minutes up to Aurère (about 700 meters). Arriving in the village we put a leash our dog, Huaca. Water: Yes. 100 meters after the bakery, in front of the…Continue Reading “GRR2 Day 3: Aurère>Cayenne”

Our GRR2 Day 2, great hike in Reunion Island.

GRR2 Day 2: Dos d’âne > Aurère, certainly the best hike in Reunion Island. GRR2 Day 1, from North to South Dos d’âne > Aurère (Mafate) Duration: 5h45 Distance: 15,35 km High elevation: 815 meters high / 893 meters down Markings: Good / How is the path: Good Dos d’Âne parking > start of the hike: From Dos d’Âne’s parking, you’ll have to walk 3 km on the road to go to the hike’s start that goes to 2 Bras (west entrance of Mafate). As we…Continue Reading “GRR2 Day 2: Dos d’âne > Aurère”

grr2 day 1, best trek in reunion island

GRR2 Day 1 from North to South Saint-Denis (Camp Mamode) > Dos d’âne Duration: 5h40 Distance: 13,72 km High elevation: 878 m high / 942 m down Markings: Bon How is the path: Good, the portion between Roche Ecrite gite and Dos d’Âne has even been restaured at the time we did the GRR2. GRR2 Day 1: Start from Camp Mamode For this GRR2 Day 1 we decide to start from Camp Mamode. Indeed, the path from La Providence (city) was not that fun. And…Continue Reading “GRR2 day 1: Saint-Denis > Dos d’âne”

Canyoning Fleur Jaune by night, under the light of the full moon.

Do you like canyoning? We love it… and recently we tried a new version of canyoning in Reunion Island. By night… Canyoning at Fleur Jaune in the light of the full moon. Canyoning at night may seem strange, but it does exist… under the full moon. It is therefore not possible to do it all the time and not on any site! Here is a short video of our descent … made with a Go Pro at night, so the quality does not always do…Continue Reading “Try canyoning at Fleur Jaune by night, magical”

Passer le niveau 1 de plongée à La Réunion et s’émerveiller devant la faune marine réunionnaise.

Find everything you should know to pass the level 1 diving certification in Reunion Island. You did a diving baptism and it made you want more? Like: being a bit more independent, dive longer, discover the seabed beauty or prepare your future vacation?  So now, you’re thinking about passing the level 1 diving certification in La Reunion? We had the same idea! That’s why we decide to write this article that explains: The difference between a diving batism and levels. How and where to…Continue Reading “Pass your level 1 diving certification in La Reunion”

A van roadtrip in Reunion Island is a great island to discover the wild south and the volcano.

Feel free visiting Reunion Island  As big fans of adventures and van roadtrips – see our roadtrip in Europe in van – let’s say that we jumped for joy when Black Sheep, a brand new van rental company in Reunion offered us to do make a little trip with them! A van roadtrip in Reunion, is it possible? First of all, we give youthe local context to make your mouth water or comfort you in the idea that discovering Reunion Island by van is…Continue Reading “Van roadtrip in Reunion Island”