Take a Flamenco class in Spain

You’ve already been in the South of Spain, in Andalusia? Listened to the enchanting rhythm of Flamenco in the Albaycyn district in Granada, facing Alhambra. Or just been seduced by the young Caramelo, a genius flamenco dancer of barely 5 years old? (Personally, even if we agree that he is a very gifted dancer, he’s a little scary).

Be immersed in the Spanish folklore

So, maybe you should try and take 1 Flamenco class! Having lived a year and a half in Granada, I had often thought of it, but I never get through the door of a dance school.

And here we are, 9 years later, in Valladolid, ready to try it … as a couple!

Ok, we must admit that this was part of a challenge for our travel blog. And that maybe, we wouldn’t have done it otherwise. Wich would have been a pity, really!

Why you should take a Flamenco class:

  • 1 / it was a life expérience that went beyond what we could expect
  • 2/ it was a real typical moment, immersed in the Spanish culture
  • 3/ we would have missed a moment of anthology: Romain who learns how to dance Flamenco!

Romain and Nina, Ze Caillou travel blog's writters are taking a Flamenco in Spain

In short, we are very enthusiastic about it and we strongly recommend you to try!

We were traveling to France from Portugal and did not pass through the Mecca of Flamenco, Andalusia (Granada, Sevilla, Malaga, Cordoba …). So we found what we wanted in Valladolid, city of Castilla y Leon region. A small Spanish dance studio out of the city center, but their welcome totaly worth it. We made our requests by phone asking for an introductory Flamenco course for adult.

So we arrived at the “VallaDanza” Studio, on Monday evening, and met Julia, our adorable teacher. And 4 of her students … who are in fact not beginners at all. With the year-end show approaching, the course was replaced by a rehearsal. Not having the heart to tell us it was not possible, they welcomed us and showed us the steps since the level “0”. They even lent me Flamenco skirt and shoes for this wonderful occasion.

Julia, our great Flamenco teacher in Valladolid in Espagne

Extremely pleasant and pedagogue, we spent 1h / 1h30 to learn the basic steps (rumba and sevillana). It was … very folkloric and Romain will remember it all life long! Then, at the end of the class, we were able to watch the girls train for their show. It really makes you want to begin Flamenco … only 1 or 2 years to get to that level? Why not ? So do not hesitate, if you want to test something different and off the beaten path, we recommend it to you!

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