Enjoy a seaview massage in Reunion

Seaview massage’s Zarlor at Boucan Canot

Enjoy a real moment of relaxation with a seaview massage at the Hotel Le Boucan Canot****. A relaxing break just for yourself, with the sound of the waves to complete the perfect atmosphere.

What is a Zarlor ?

Zarlor is a creol word that means « treasure » !
But here, ” Zarlor ” are activities, recommendations (guided tours, sport or cutltural activities…) highlighted by the Tourist Office to discover or re discover the West part of the island.

Boucan Canot Hôtel

To enjoy this 100% relaxing Zarlor, let’s go at Le Boucan Canot**** hotel, located, as its name suggests, at the entrance of the very beautiful Boucan Canot beach. We arrive in front of a pretty blue facade like a Creole house…but a Luxury version! Once arrived at the reception, we are directed to the masseuse, today it is Capucine who will take care of us! We are also given a voucher to enjoy a cocktail at the end of the massage to make the pleasure last. It’s off to a good start!

The nice blue creole facade of Le Boucan Canot hotel where we'll enjoy the seaview massage.

Let’s go to the “guétali

We cross the hotel, its bar, its outdoor restaurant… on the right, the swimming pool and deckchairs area, on the left, the garden which overlooks the beach, the setting is superb.

The Boucan Canot hotel's swimming pool, when we go to the seaview massage.

And at the bottom of the garden, we reach a small wooden shed ideally located facing the sea which look alike the typical “Creole guétalis”

A guétali is a kind of small covered platform found in the gardens of traditional Creole houses. It allowed young girls from good families to observe the street and its passers-by without being seen… like a little creole spy shack!

The nice wooden place reserved for the seaview massage in Reunion.

It is therefore in this cute and discreet little cabin that we find the space reserved for massages. This is already enough to relax and give a holiday feeling.

Seaview massage, alone or in pairs

So we enter the wooden shed, 2 nicely installed massage tables await us. In front of the tables, there are openings overlooking the sea. It allow us to let our eyes get lost in the ocean to magnify this moment of letting go. The massage can therefore be planned for one or 2 people thanks to the “duo massage”. It allow you to share this moment of pure relaxation with someone.  

Reunion seaview massage at the Boucan Canot hotel.

Relaxing massage

With the “Zarlor seaview massage in Reunion”, you’ll enjoy a “relaxing” massage. Besides that, the masseuses offer many other types of massages. Sports, Ayurvedic or for pregnant women, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

That’s great, I really need to relax a bit. Just before starting, Capucine gives me a “disposable underwear” to be more comfortable. But we can very well keep our panties or swimsuit if we prefer. She then asks me if I have any particular concerns, back pain, knee problem or other before starting to adapt the massage according to each specificity.

Relaxing massage is a massage from the head to the feet.

The seaview relaxing massage last 1h, from the feet to the head with also hands, skull and face.

A super pleasant and 100% relaxing moment, the seaview massage keeps all its promises. After 1 hour of massage which seems to have passed too quickly for my taste, I am really relaxed.

Iced tea or cocktail

Well that will be both my captain! Indeed, after the massage, Capucine leaves me an iced tea on a small table with a deckchair in the garden to last the relaxation break. The ideal is to think about taking a book to read a few pages while enjoying your iced tea.

Enjoy a nice ice tea in front of the sea in the Boucan Canot hotel's garden.

And to finish off on a high note, head to the hotel bar to choose a cocktail from the menu. With or without alcohol. It’s Saturday and it’s over 2 p.m., so I decide to choose a little weekend gin tonic! But don’t worry, there’s something for everyone on the menu of this 4-star hotel restaurant. ! The perfect mix to be relaxed and motivated, ideal to start the weekend.

A great homemade restaurant to begin the weekend after a good seaview massage.

It’s also a great gift idea for a mom looking for relaxation. To enjoy a moment with friends or of course for a break between lovers!

Practical Info Seaview Massage:

This Zarlor “Seaview Relaxing Massage” takes place at the 4-star Hotel Le Boucan Canot. It takes about 2 hours including massage, tea, cocktail… And it is possible to book every day of the week.

The price is €86 per person and €173 for a duo massage.

To book your Zarlor Relaxing Massage, head to the West Tourist Office (in french)!

You don’t need anything in particular but the beach and 2 steps away. So do not hesitate to take swimsuit and towel. By the way, the swimming pool is not accessible with the Zarlor it remains only open to hotel’s guests.

And to find all our activities in Reunion, it’s this way !

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