Try the funny Rainbow Run in Reunion

Fun, sport and colors

This year, the 1st edition of the Seigneurie Colors Rainbow Run took place at la Saline-les-Bains in La Reunion. The race was organized by ILOP, creator of an even more crazy race: La Tropicadingue. A 10km obstacle race in the north of Reunion island (usually it takes place in November).

More accessible, this race is only 5km and without obstacles, except those of the fitness trail (but that’s something we did just for fun). We had a great time with friends and family during this Rainbow Run, without chrono and therefore without stress.

Run with your friend and family at the funny Rainbow Run at la Saline in Reunion Island.

The aim of this Rainbow Run

Basically, the motto seems to be: Have fun (while doing a little sport). During the race, we go through several “color” stations that spray us with colored powder (a bit like during the Holi celebration, the color festival in India). But awe also stop at drinks and sweets’ stations!

Have fun while doing sport at the Rainbow Run of Seigneurie Colors in La Reunion.

It’s sunny, under the tropical sun…

We run in the afternoon, under the sun! It’s great for taking pictures but it’s very warm, fortunately it’s only a 5km race! Moreover, if you’re a little tired, no problem, many people walk during a big part of the race! What about us? No, we ran without interruption!

Blue, red, yellow, green, orange… a crazy mix!

For those who sweat a lot, you’ll probably end up brown, but no matter, we’re not here to be sexy! Just to have fun during this Rainbow Run! And besides, a nice gentleman rinses the volunteers with the water jet, so that we can go back home without redecorating all the interior of our car!

Have fun with your love, being totaly covered by colored powder during the Rainbow Run.

Rainbow Run’s details

  • Distance : 5km
  • Start in early afternoon and by wave. This year (2018), 20 waves of 50 people were expected (start every 5 min) from 14h30.
  • Many “color stations” that spray you during the race!
  • 2 food and drink stations: water, juice, candies…to take energy (km 2 and 4).
  • No chrono and no need for a medical certificate.
  • Price : 15€ (included : registration to the rainbow run, 1 white t-shirt, not for a long time and 1 pair of colored glasses)
  • Route: Start from the Jardin d’Eden > towards the Saline fitness trail > then towards the beach behind the Leader Price > towards the Filaos round about (closest car jaune bus stop) > go back to the start!

Be ready for the start of the Rainbow Run at La Saline les Bains in Reunion Island.

Find the photos of this Rainbow Run 1st edition on their Facebook pages !

Do you wanna run?

Well, you can wait until next year for the number 2 edition of the Seigneurie Colors Rainbow Run, or we saw that another association organizes in March 2018 the same kind of colored race (1st edition also).

It’s about 6km at Etang Salé and the registration price (19€) will be donated to an association that helps disables persons, know more here (french).

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So now, enjoy your race!

Courir en amoureux ou en famille lors de la course colorée Seigneurie Colors à la Réunion

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