Stand up paddle and kayak at La Reunion

Paddle and transparent kayak at La Reunion

It’s sunny and warm? Want some sun but not necessarily just lazing on the beach? Well here are some activities to not see the time pass while taking a good dose of vitamin D.

What is a Zarlor ?

Zarlor is a creol word that means « treasure » !
But here, ” Zarlor ” are activities, recommendations (guided tours, sport or cutltural activities…) highlighted by the Tourist Office to discover or re discover the West part of the island.

Do you know Trou d’eau beach?

Meeting at Trou d’eau beach at 10 a.m. this morning for a water activities session with the Zarlor Paddle and Kayak! We join “Kayak Transparent Réunion”‘s team for an trip in the beautiful lagoon of La Saline les Bains. Spot fishes, the corals and other wonders of the fauna and flora of Reunion.

Meeting with Kayak Transparent Réunion for a Paddle and kayaktrip in Reunion.

Rather Stand Up Paddle or Kayak

You have 2 choices for this excursion. 1h of paddle or 1h of two-seater transparent kayak in free visit to explore the lagoon and its crystal clear water and lunch at the water’s edge to have a perfect finish! Having a paddle at home and having never tested the transparent kayak, the choice is quickly made for us. Nicolas prepares our boat, shows us the basics of its use (move forward, turn, stop) as well as the essential safety rules for us but also to preserve the lagoon.

Transparent Kayak, discover the Saline's lagoon like if you were in an aquarium.

Transparent kayak, “aquarium” effect

And yes, whether in terms of sensation or visibility, paddleboarding and kayaking are really different. In stand-up paddleboarding, you work more on your balance than in kayaking and the height allows you to better detect the largest animals, like turtles or rays when you are lucky enough to see them! While in a transparent kayak, you are a little more comfortable (even if it remains physical), more stable and you can better see the overall environment under your feet. Be sure to see the corals, small fishes, it really gives the impression of a human-sized aquarium. Like snorkeling, but… much bigger!

Discover many different corals during a paddle and kayak trip in Reunion.

Discovering the lagoon

The Indian Ocean is a real treasure! And even if several human and environmental factors harm the underwater fauna and flora, it is nevertheless full of life! Colorful fish, sea anemones, giant clams, branching corals, moray eels…

On this outing, we weren’t lucky enough to come across a turtle or a ray, but it’s quite possible in the area!

In the kayak, a sheet with the main species present in the lagoon is there to help you identify your finds!

Identify the different species of fauna and flora you can spot in the lagoon.

Tabular or digiform coral, zourite (octopus in Creole), fusiliers, damselflies, capuchins, box or surgeon fish, scorpionfish, in short, the list goes on!

A beautiful giant clam we saw during our paddle and kayak trip in the lagoon.

We admire while taking care of the environment

It is a pleasure to combine physical activity with exploring the lagoon and its inhabitants. Whether you are an adult or a child, it allows you to spend a day at the beach without noticing the time passing. Of course, being careful not to rub the corals and not to touch anything while paddling to disturb and damage this magical environment as little as possible.

See underwater with transparent kayak in Trou d'eau.

And yes, to keep it as beautiful as possible, it must be preserved. Prefer lycra to sunscreen and choose less polluting ones. If you are sensitive, opt for a sunset trip when the sun is less strong. And it goes without saying, but avoid stepping on the corals and of course, don’t throw anything overboard.

Beautiful paddle trip at sunset in Reunion Island.

Half day at the beach makes you hungry!

It’s all well and good to admire the flora and fauna on a paddle or kayak, but it makes you hungry, right? At the end of the trip, you will enjoy a small cocktail with or without alcohol… Given the time, we opted for the “without”!

Nice cocktail to end this Zarlor trip with paddle and kayak in Reunion.

Then, the Zarlor continues with a lunch with your feet in the water in a pretty beach restaurant nearby which cares about well-being and the products used! Fresh aperitif, fish or seasonal salad, and gourmet dessert await you to perfect this morning well started in an idyllic setting!

Practical Info on paddle and kayak:

Meet at Trou d’eau beach at Kayak Transparent Réunion.

There are 2 packs possible in free ride:

  • Paddle 1h + lunch: €36/adult and €18 per child (8 to 11 years old).
  • Two-seater transparent kayak 1h + lunch: 38€/adult, 21€/child (5 to 10 years old) and 11€/child (1 to 4 years old).
    It is possible to rent a gopro.

For all the details about this trip and to book your Zarlor Paddle and Kayak, it’s on the Tourist Office West ‘s website!  

Don’t forget your swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and/or lycra, sunglasses, cap and water  !

Kayak Transparent Réunion also organizes guided tours of the lagoon if you want to learn more about our lagoon and its fauna and flora! Find their news on their Facebook page

Do not hesitate to leave us a short comment if you liked this article. Or if you have any questions and discover here other activities to do in Reunion!

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