Cayenne Roche Plate, a wonderful stage of our grr2 day 4

GRR2 Day 4: Cayenne>Roche Plate, all details about this part of one of the best trek in Reunion island. Still walking in Mafate since day 2… GRR2 Day 4 North to South Cayenne > Roche Plate Duration: 4h40 Distance: 10,26 km High Elevation: 1045 meters high / 439 meters down Markings: Good / How is the path: Good 1/3) Cayenne > Ilet de Lataniers We start this new day with a good breakfast and a pretty view on Cayenne village and on La rivière des…Continue Reading “GRR2 Day 4: Cayenne>Roche Plate”

Aurere > Cayenne in Mafate, our grr2 day 3.

GRR2 Day 3: Aurère>Cayenne, all details about this part of the best trek in Reunion island. GRR2 Day 3 North to South Aurère>Cayenne Duration: 5h30 Distance: 12,58 km High elevation: 683 meters high / 1100 meters down Markings: Good / How is the path: Good Stop in Aurère before start We pack our staff and walk 10 minutes up to Aurère (about 700 meters). Arriving in the village we put a leash our dog, Huaca. Water: Yes. 100 meters after the bakery, in front of the…Continue Reading “GRR2 Day 3: Aurère>Cayenne”

Our GRR2 Day 2, great hike in Reunion Island.

GRR2 Day 2: Dos d’âne > Aurère, certainly the best hike in Reunion Island. GRR2 Day 1, from North to South Dos d’âne > Aurère (Mafate) Duration: 5h45 Distance: 15,35 km High elevation: 815 meters high / 893 meters down Markings: Good / How is the path: Good Dos d’Âne parking > start of the hike: From Dos d’Âne’s parking, you’ll have to walk 3 km on the road to go to the hike’s start that goes to 2 Bras (west entrance of Mafate). As we…Continue Reading “GRR2 Day 2: Dos d’âne > Aurère”

grr2 day 1, best trek in reunion island

GRR2 Day 1 from North to South Saint-Denis (Camp Mamode) > Dos d’âne Duration: 5h40 Distance: 13,72 km High elevation: 878 m high / 942 m down Markings: Bon How is the path: Good, the portion between Roche Ecrite gite and Dos d’Âne has even been restaured at the time we did the GRR2. GRR2 Day 1: Start from Camp Mamode For this GRR2 Day 1 we decide to start from Camp Mamode. Indeed, the path from La Providence (city) was not that fun. And…Continue Reading “GRR2 day 1: Saint-Denis > Dos d’âne”

Enjoy a great nature trip in this nice hotel in Terre Rouge, Reunion.

You want to take a breath, go to the Wild South of Reunion Island … We tried a superb hotel in Terre Rouge. It’s the Terre Rouge Guest House in Vincendo, and it’s a big crush. Terre Rouge, Cap Jaune… it’s the same place but go find out why, we like make life a bit more complicated! Hotel in Terre Rouge Here are all the info about the Terre Rouge guesthouse Terre Rouge’s bungalows Open 4 nights per week, from Monday to Thursday, the 3…Continue Reading “Hotel in Terre Rouge, luxe and nature”

50 easy ways to help save the planet Earth, 50 things ecologic to do at home or outside.

Easy ways to save the planet Earth… maybe you’re asking yourself why travel bloggers write an article about environment? And why not? If you follow us on Facebook you certainly saw that we try to tell important message everytime we can. Preserve nature, favor local / handmade / and reused products, donate blood, stop single-use plastic … It’s not because we write about travel that we can’t also promote some values very important for us, and that deserve to be seen / read by more and…Continue Reading “50 things to do to help save the planet”