Découverte du Jardin de Paulo et des plantes oubliées à la Réunion

Sharing knowledge at the Jardin chez Paulo! Do you like plants, nature and want to know more about the usefulness of Reunion’s sometimes forgotten plants? Go and discover the Jardin chez Paulo in Saint-Paul and take advantage of his knowledge of Reunionese plants. A friendly and fun time. What is a Zarlor ? Zarlor is a creol word that means « treasure » !But here, ” Zarlor ” are activities, recommendations (guided tours, sport or cutltural activities…) highlighted by the Tourist Office to discover or re discover the West…Continue Reading “Jardin chez Paulo: knowledge on Reunion fauna and flora”

50 easy ways to help save the planet Earth, 50 things ecologic to do at home or outside.

Easy ways to save the planet Earth… maybe you’re asking yourself why travel bloggers write an article about environment? And why not? If you follow us on Facebook you certainly saw that we try to tell important message everytime we can. Preserve nature, favor local / handmade / and reused products, donate blood, stop single-use plastic … It’s not because we write about travel that we can’t also promote some values very important for us, and that deserve to be seen / read by more and…Continue Reading “50 things to do to help save the planet”